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  1. Wow. Really a world beater scoring one shot in 2 matches. Can't say I feel great about him at the world. Everyone was saying blow out
  2. Growing up with Zahids family I am always pulling for him. And he does have a shot at beating Dake if he can get to his legs. And that's mainly because as we seen with Mark Hall Zahid finishes low. If he comes up Dake is going to eat him up with the opportunities. Both have an amazing ability to counter leg attacks. Zahid has always been hard to finish on all the way back to high school and Dake is Dake. Not sure his time is yet, but even if he goes down like the Titanic I'm team Z
  3. Aside from coaching at West Virginia during the Jones brothers, can you name major threat team Zeke has coached? I think his Team USA coaching gave him bump in recruiting but i dont see them getting blue chippers If ASU was in the Big 10 they would qualify 1
  4. Even if it cost him a year. His brother has work out partners to push him, Anthony has been vastly under developed
  5. This article says so http://channel23news.com/2017/07/university-of-oregon-to-reinstate-wrestling-cael-sanderson-named-head-coach/ Have we been punked?
  6. No one in their right mind who wants to make money goes to the UFC. The lack of sponsorship money and tiered pay are the reason soany fighters are jumping out of it. Someone needs to create a safe space for all of you who took offense to Pico's interview. He answered a question not like he went on a Twitter rant. He gave Zane credit on his accomplishment but just stated facts. Penn State has the best coaching staff in the country and they couldn't figure out how to beat the high school kid. Only to coach Zane to try and slow him down at best. 6-0 and never in danger. Also, why is it no one points out that Zane and Frank we're team mates. I can't count how many times I have seen lesser wrestlers compete with more accomplished wrestlers in the practice room because they learned their ticks, tells and patterns.
  7. All these crybabies are the same crybabies who talk about Taylor beating Yazdani and how he could have won a world title. He hasn't made a team, and did Taylor ever win a cadet or Junior world medal. Pico in high school made as many world and Olympic teams as Taylor and Dake. And has placed equally as high. IN HIGH SCHOOL. Zane did his job, he beat who was in front of him to win his spot. But for Pico to ignore a question of who would win if he had wrestled would change the title of this thread to "Pico fears Zane". Bottom line is flo got what it was looking for. CLICKS and Discussions. Great for them, I am a year paying fan of what they do and all their efforts. Pico is still young enough to try MMA and come back
  8. Did anyone see this: Check out @that_dude_JO's Tweet: https://twitter.com/that_dude_JO/status/787789843459821568?s=09 Looks like heat coming from the Ness house
  9. Complete apologizes Mr Tony R. Victoria Anthony made sure I gave credit when posted and I asked the people who did the poster to make sure they do so. Please DM me you contact info
  10. Tony Hager just covered the event on his show. Start the interview @ 16:30
  11. Somar Wrestling is hosting its first ever Somar Shootout. Main Card Reece Humphrey vs B.J Futrell Jayson Ness vs Jordan Oliver Haley Augello vs Victoria Anthony Undercard Finals of the Somar Girls Folkstyle Takedown Dual Tournament Portion of proceeds go to Mt Sac Wrestling team or a team of your choice Purchase tickets at: http://buytickets.at/somarwrestling/67439 Matches are first to 5 takedowns or two 1:30 periods. Questions? email @ somarwrestle@gmail.com
  12. I saw Geduev try to tactic the match by grinding his head to keep getting blood rest and slow the match down. If Yazdani didnt have to wait for all Geduev's breaks he would have broken him like he broke Derringer. The kid is amazing
  13. If anyone questions weather Yazdanichurrati can tie up Burroughs they didn't see what this kid did a year ago vs Marble. At a year younger he bullied a beefier Nick like a child. Kid is legit
  14. Back on topic- In California Girls are not allowed to compete against boys in the post season because they have their own tournaments including subsections and sections in some areas.And of course the state tournament
  15. Did you guys see this story Willie and CP broke on FRL this morning? http://entimports.com/2016/05/thomson-kod-in-training-by-19-year-old-prospect-forced-out-of-bellator-event/
  16. I personally am waiting to get excited about Troy. OSU hasn't been pumping out the guys they were during their run a few years back. But why are so many of you overlooking the fact that Ed Ruth and Deron Wynn are now in the Fresno area training MMA. I would think only having a few fights a year they could be nice additions to the FSU coaching staff
  17. Zahid can do no right. Stop with the excuses. It's not like Martin just finished NCAAs last week and Zahid has o ly been training for one match with him. Zahid has not lost to Martin even in his first match after moving up 50lbs. Give the kid his dues. People say that going through an NCAA season better prepared you for freestyle. Look at Cox, Snyder, Burroughs after their NCAA seasons. Zahid is just very good and is Kyle Dake to Martin's David Taylor
  18. It's not hating if you're stating an obvious fact that he needs to qualify the weight still after the gauntlet he just went through
  19. He is not an Olympian yet. And to be honest he may not be an Olympian. Now the question is, if you are Pico and USAW asks you to go qualify the weight do yo do it?
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