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  1. Campbell only got one qualifier out of SoCons yesterday. Was that expected? There was a lot of hype about Kolat and Campbell earlier this year, what's going on?
  2. 100% this. He is a compliance department's worst nightmare. It didn't take the people at Queens very long to realize.
  3. Are there not athletic trainers in attendance at practice? If not, that seems crazy.
  4. the audio is awful. I wish they could mute the people calling out the scoring.
  5. another incident which involved alcohol and being out on the town after midnight during the season and in the middle of the week.
  6. Honestly, I'm surprised this hasn't been pointed out more. Why is he out drinking/partying at 2 am the week before the NCAA Tournament? Does UTC not have a team policy about that sort of thing?
  7. which is why I said "near" the bottom not "at" the bottom.
  8. I know of some people who have been interested over the past few years of the possibility of the UNC job if it ever opened, until they learned how low the operating budget and head coach salary is, compared with other places. Near the bottom of the ACC in both categories.
  9. who is in this thread saying UNC is suddenly a "major player?" I certainly didn't say that. I said the program is headed in a better direction. Which I believe to be true based on what I've seen.
  10. very much so. In my opinion, at least, from what I've observed.
  11. the change in attitude and energy around the team has been significant since Coleman arrived in Chapel Hill.
  12. none of the recruits have backed out. Why would they? The program is headed in a much better direction now. These guys didn't choose UNC because of Mock.
  13. no. My point was, why is it an assumption that these guys are "Mock's recruits?" Headlee is 100% a Coleman Scott recruit.
  14. you mean like Coleman's recruit AC Headlee?
  15. when you're employed by a college, perhaps not the best idea to continually claim that colleges are evil and warn parents not to send their sons to college.
  16. Anyone know how recruiting has been going so far? Who do they have coming in next year?
  17. I'd be irritated if I had to travel to Campbell to wrestle just 5 matches.
  18. There was a lot of "cleaning house" a couple years ago an those problems were taken care of.
  19. I feel like if the coaches support having him around, then he must not be that big of an embarrassment to them. And not only that they support having him around, but they promote him as a fan of the program.
  20. but don't the coaches like having him around? They call him their "superfan" and put pictures of him on their Twitter and Facebook
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