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    Boll_Weevil got a reaction from cjc007 in Chertow Out at Queens   
    100% this. He is a compliance department's worst nightmare. It didn't take the people at Queens very long to realize.
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    Boll_Weevil reacted to BobDole in Chertow Out at Queens   
    Chertow isn't good at following rules and the NCAA frowns upon that.
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    Boll_Weevil reacted to ConnorsDad in Snyder Hurt   
    Sometimes I read comments on the message board here and I just shake my head. My knowledge of wrestling, as I have said, is nowhere near a lot of people on this site but I acknowledge that as opposed to a lot of people on here who think they know everything and know less than me. What I do know, and what a lot of people seem to miss, is the concept of being an athlete and why you do what you do. In most people's mind, Kyle Snyder doesn't have anything to prove to anybody in the entire wrestling world. So why does he keep wrestling? As wrestlingnerd said it's for pride, love of the sport and 100 other reasons that have nothing to do with trying to prove yourself. The concept of being a member of a team and realizing a goal that you have all worked for however many months. The concept of working towards an individual goal in a sport that you enjoy. The idea of winning a second and potentially a third NCAA title. I don't know him personally but I'll guarantee you the loss
    in the finals his freshman year bothers him to no end. He could be that close when it's all said and done to being a four-time champion . Yes the Olympic gold medal is the ultimate but the steps along the way are important to an athlete as well . The fact that he is out there at all helping his team try and win an NCAA title speaks volumes about him as the team title could be the pinnacle of most of his teammates careers. I'll leave you with this. In an interview with Garrett Lowney for a "Where are They Now?" article, he said the part of wrestling that he missed the most was not the awards, the meets, bronze medal or anything like that. It was the daily practices, the daily grind of working with his teammates that he missed the most. IMO, Kyle Snyder is wrestling for tOSU because he wants to and, rib injury or not, if he can go he will.
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    Boll_Weevil got a reaction from OBJoeB in BIG 10 BTNPlus ?   
    the audio is awful. I wish they could mute the people calling out the scoring.
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    Boll_Weevil got a reaction from GuillermoBilletas in Decision to expel ex-UTC wrestler Corey Mock reversed in court   
    another incident which involved alcohol and being out on the town after midnight during the season and in the middle of the week.
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