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  1. The script is based off of Mark’s autobiography so it is going to be from his perspective.
  2. Pretty much. Here are the attacks from Schalles that prompted the call out. http://wadeschalles.com/136/ http://wadeschalles.com/2020-olympic-wr ... confident/ I find it pathetic to take a shot at Schalles for voicing his opinion and criticizing FILA on the grounds that he claims to be a "world champion," but actually isn't, since according to real world champions, being a university world champion doesn't count. Everyone knows that a university title isn't nearly the same achievement, but leading up to university worlds, why is the Vice President of FILA undermining the importance of the event? Shouldn't you be promoting it? O wait, I guess I forgot that FILA doesn't promote any of its events. Also, while you're here, how about commented on something useful like the reasoning behind the 7 point tech and 2, 3 point moves ending a match? As the American voice in FILA, were you adamantly opposed to it? Was this a decision agreed upon by world champions? +1
  3. I think the one of the things that make Kyle Dake such a step above everyone of the top guys and in the conversation with JB is his willingness and ability to go upper body. The only reason he was competitive with JB in the second match was Dake was jacking up JB with under hooks.
  4. I had a pair just like them that I traded a Nike bag for them when the Russian team wrestled in SoCal. Those were the best shoes ever.
  5. If you change Western to Western European then for the first time I agree with you all the way.
  6. One decade to make things right one week to frack it all up. Come on Squash we deserve it.
  7. Just checked out his business Active Marketing Services, I am going to have to contact them. I have been looking for a new company to work on our direct mail campaigns
  8. I was in the specialty marketing business for a number of years selling bags shirts and knick knacks to the trade show industry, pharmaceutical companies and non profits. This Guy is a moron. In a community as small as Wrestling and MMA to go off like that in a business that the market is so limited is suicide. He will be out of business in short order.
  9. In 1983 I was wrestling in an open tournament in California and Doug Blubaugh wrestled in the tournament. I had no clue who this old dude was that was basically crushing everyone in the tournament. It was not like these guys were fish either. These guys were solid college wrestlers and he pinned everyone. He had to be in his 50s then. Before the tournament started I was warming up on the mat and this old guy is drilling and shooting the breeze with a couple of guys and I’m thinking he’s just a coach or something. Then the tournament starts and I see him getting ready to go out on the mat with a college guy that I knew to be pretty damn good. I say to my coach this old guy is going to get killed. My coach just looks at me and says it won’t even be close. I thought he was talking about the college kid beating the old guy. I was very much mistaken. After the match my coach explained to me who he was.
  10. I feel like his closest match, by a significant margin, was to that Pitt guy in the finals. (damned name eludes me!) Keith Gavin. And yah, I remember it being the same way. I was shocked that Gavin kept it so close. That’s the way I remember it also. Askren pinned Gavin earlier in the year. On a side note Gavin should have won the Hodge his senior year.
  11. Didn’t Ben Askren have some huge bonus point seasons his last two years?
  12. It’s called promotion. He is not trying to sell love, it’s a fight and his bombastic rhetoric pulls in viewers and puts butts in the seats.
  13. High School: Dave Schultz Senior year. College: Sanderson Folkstyle: Sanderson Freestyle: Smith All combined: Mark Schultz Best coach: Gable Toughest wrestler: Brands Best conditioned: Metcalf Most technical: Dave Schultz Most explosive: Monday Best light: Smith Best middle: Gable Best heavy(ish): Sanderson
  14. Since wrestling is first and foremost an individual competition I am curious if you took individuals national champions how many different schools would be represented in comparison to other individual sports like track & field, or swimming.
  15. Frigging bureaucratic BS I hate the NCAA slave masters.
  16. MMA/UFC/ Dana White finally take a stand http://sports.yahoo.com/news/ufc-joins- ... --mma.html
  17. I just watched a match by Aaron Pico that kid is amazing. I know he is only a freshman in high school but he could beat some current college guys.
  18. The things that bothered me about the St. John/Welch match were St. John’s parallel ride, I did not see any locked hands, and the missed 2 near fall was very close. At the end who knows what would have happened. St. John just has the type of style, body type and counter wrestling style that was very hard for Welch to deal with. On top of that with all of his wins over Welch I think that he had a huge physiological advantage over Welch.
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