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  1. I agree, so when we say Dake is 1-1-1 after junior year, if Taylor hadn't redshirted he would have been low AA? (possible DNP)-2-1 after three years. His true freshman year he probably would have been 149, and that was the year Metcalf and Palmer met in the finals. Taylor was still losing to Cyler Sanderson at that point, so how he would have performed at 149 is up in the air. Meanwhile, Dake wins NCAA. 149 was a much stronger weight class then 141 that year..... if were talking about the best wrestler pound 4 pound right now.. in terms of dominance and technichability..the total package I give edge to Taylor.. 165 this year would have looked pretty strong if it not for Taylor being a level above everyone else...
  2. Taylor is currently the best pound for pound wrestler.....There should be no questions asked... he dominated at NCAA, bonused almost everyone, and is the current Hodge... Dake has the better career on paper thus far... he has 3 titles at 3 different weight classes..and is going for his fourth. On a quick glimpse one would assume that Dake is the superior wrestler because of his resume....however.. if you look deeper into it Dake doesn't dominate everyone the way Taylor does... I have a very hard time seeing Taylor ever lose another career match...He is the most technically sound wrestler I have ever seen....Dake is one of the best riders in college...people are afraid to choose bottom against him... Taylor may be just as good with all his tilts... I'd say Taylor is better at neutral and is probably the slight favorite in this matchup.
  3. This is just not true. Does Taylor have a second NCAA title I'm not aware of? He probably means Dake has 3 titles in 3 attempts and Taylor has 1 title out of 2 attempts:geek:
  4. You are correct many people will judge careers only based on NCAA finishes... People will only see Dakes' 3-4 titles and Taylor' 2-3 and assume Dake was better overall wrestler when in reality Taylor had 1 offmatch where he went against his former teammate that knew him better than anyone else...Matt McDonough also would probably be a 3xer if he had not ran into Robles... because he probably did not adjust to wrestle a 1 legged wrestler... he could have easily also been a 3xer and in the discussion for greatest of all time but that one missed title seems to lower him a notch on everyone's best pound for pound. Dake and Taylor will both go down as one of the greatest of all times... Taylor will have 1 career loss and if Dake does not wrestle Taylor next year then he will be a 4x Champ..They both have that child like mindset where they set goals and always believe it~ I would love to see a match between these 2.
  5. I can't really see him starting in his last 2 years of eligibility...
  6. Penn St. just tied Cornell for the team crown at the Scuffle. Penn St. had Wright and Long out and Cornell had Grey out. They are both relatively young teams but Cornell has a few more seniors in their lineup. Alton gave up a last second td to Russel to lose 4-3, but rebounded to take 3rd at the Scuffle. 19-1 on the year w/ 15 pins. Martelloti got 6th at Scuffle 18-3 on year. Taylor crushed the scuffled. getting 2 pins and 3TF. Oh yea, in the finals he dismantled #9 Paul Young w/ a TF. 19-0 on the year and if he can be injury free I am predicting he will be a 4x NCAA finalist. Ruth wins Scuffle and is OW. He beats #1 and #2 seed Lewnes and Henrich on his way to the title...17-1 on the year. Have they proved themselves enough on the mat for you yet? Is it safe to say if they are injury free they will be pretty awsome the next few years? Keep in mind they are all only freshmans... I won't even go into details of their deep and talented bench in case one of them do get hurt. Now You add in the fact that Molinaro,Wade,Long, and Wright, who will all be ranked in the preseason top 5, back into the lineup along with these to-be sophmores next year and I think the choice is pretty obvious. Ship the NCAA championship to the East Coast... Cornell or Penn St. will win it ths year and If Penn St. doesn't win next year then Cornell will. Of course the top teams won't Lay down... I don't think any d1 team just "lays down" even if they know they are outmatched they will still wrestle hard. Yes, the usual top teams will still be contenders: Iowa, Minny, Okie St. They are all relatively young and have some good guys coming off RS, many of whom are unproven on d1 level, but may be the next Alton, Ruth, or Taylor. Looking over the rosters and who they have coming off RS I still do not see any team that can match Penn St. next year. I am voicing my opinion. The OP asks if Penn St. can win the next 4 Big Ten titles. I'M thinking a little bigger and saying Penn St. will win the NCAA title next year and be top contenders for the next 4 years. Let's hear your opinions.
  7. Which team do you see as the favorite going into next season. Penn St. only graduates 1 Sr. in the starting lineup, Pataky, and currently has 8 ranked wrestlers Martelotti,Long,Alton,Molinaro,Taylor,Kemerer,Ruth,Wade, and 9 if you count Q.Wright. They all have been ranked for the majority of the season and have already justified their rankings up to this point. With next year graduating the Sr. class and all these guys returning and most likely will be even better next year. I feel it is not a stretch to say they will be a preseason favorite? The point is next year they will start off with 7-10 individuals ranked and most of them will be ranked in the top 5 so they should be a strong duals and tournament team with many AA contenders next year. I'm not proclaiming anyone's awesomeness I'm proclaiming facts: Martelotti was undefeated until Midlands Long was a NCAA finalist Alton is 16-0 with 13 pins Tank is a 2x AA Taylor is undefeated and has been dominant Kemerer was ranked around the top 10 Ruth has been impressive and currently ranked around top 10 Wright is a AA Wade is ranked in the top 10 It's not the NCAA tournament yet, but many of these kids have "done something" to make people think they could do more next year. I'm curious to know which team you feel will be the top team next year.
  8. They will be the favorite to win the NCAA title the next 4 years imo... This team is too young and too good... 125- fr. F.Martelloti 33- soph. ncaa finalist A.Long 41-fr. 16-0 w/13 pins A.Alton 49- jr. "Gorilla Hulk/Frank the Tank" Molinaro 57- fr. "The Magic Man on The Mat" David Taylor 65- fr. J.Kemerer 74- fr. E.Ruth 84- soph. Q.Wright 97- #2 overall recruit M. Mccintosh Hwt-jr. C. Wade Add in the fact that they have a very deep bench. This will most likely be their starting lineup next year. Penn St. Could also put in J. English at 49 and bump everyone up a weight and Redshirt Mccintosh. Maybe put in D. Alton @ 41, A.Alton @ 49, and bump everyone on one weight. Either way Penn St. could have 7-10 AA next year with several NCAA individual contenders. Ship the NCAA championship to the East Coast.
  9. Niether will get it done, but if McD can stay at 125 all 4 years he would have a better shot and could be a 4x finalist like how Varner was.
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