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  1. This was, hands down, the most dominating, impressive, and top performance of anyone in any discipline all week. Only one match saw the 2nd period.....and that one went less than a minute past halftime.
  2. Here's my take: Probably 98% of the people watching wrestling KNOW wrestling or are fans. It's nice to hear Smith indicate what they really should be doing, and we hear it, but we are all thinking it anyway. The other 2% are watching because of insomnia.
  3. My thoughts are this....if we ever see him in Freestyle again, that is......If Steveson doesn't learn some sort of Gut or Lift, he's vulnerable to exactly what happened today. Get a lead with a couple takedowns and a pushout, but then get taken down and rolled 3 times......he was not that far away from being rolled 2 or 3 more times to simply end the match. If he gets the takedown, he need to work on exposure to end matches and get out of the danger. He doesn't even attempt anything, just settles for the TD. Just my view from the cheap seats.......
  4. Holtfan


    Iowa Lovers Hate it Iowa Haters Love It The rest of the wrestling community just says "Congrats to both of you".
  5. Holtfan


    I would suspect neither Lee nor Steveson care that they share the award. With that thought, why should I care? Congrats to both of them.
  6. So he confirmed....blew his knee out at the B1G
  7. Courtney with a couple serious snap downs.
  8. Anyone get the impression Steveson is doing just enough to win, so Lee can win the Hodge?
  9. This wins the Internet tonight!!!!
  10. How can you NOT love Ferrari?
  11. You could see the "Oh Crap" on Kemmer's face when they were still on their feet.....
  12. Big win by Starocci!!!!
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