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  1. In our area, that is affectionately known as the "Ball and Chain" And I agree with where the "pressure" is applied.
  2. I wonder if the MFF rule will lead to athletes competing while truly injured as the loss to change their conference/NCAA seeding, thus possibly leading to further injury. We want the wrestlers to be at peak for NCAA, or at the very least in the best condition they can be. I guess only time will tell whether this rule will have an impact overall. I am more concerned with the policy of ducking during dual meets in order to protect a record and get a better conference seed. No clear answer for this, I just don't like that it happens. As for TDs being worth more.....I am against it. If you can score a TD, but you aren't good enough to hold the opponent to the mat, why should you benefit? I am already tired of seeing guys who are great on the feet just run a TD drill like in practice. Just my opinion.
  3. As I asked before---if all you saw was from the 2:00 mark to 2:12, what would your thoughts be? Not the action leading up to, nor the conversations following the infraction, but just those 12 seconds. To me, he does it, and he does it on purpose. The reason I say this is it appears as soon as the wrestler notices the official looking at it, he moves his hand, and then feigns shock when it's called. My opinion: He should have been sited for practicing proctology without a license.
  4. I don't disagree. My point is the guy was knuckle-deep--there is no denying that. Whatever penalty you wish to apply, so be it. But there is no doubt the infraction was committed, and it was committed purposely, IMO.
  5. If all you saw was the "oil check" and nothing else about the match--either leading up to or post match conversations--, what would your opinion be? The guy in blue was knuckles deep, and when we saw the official move into position to see it, he attempted to undo what was already done. Kid deserved to be run out of the tournament. No place for that type of behavior.
  6. Not just beat him, pinned him.
  7. Trackwestling always keeps a running total, and this is the final statistics:
  8. Barry Davis used to do it a lot....it was fun to watch and listen to.
  9. Lewis wrestled the tournament of his life. Well done!!
  10. Winner of the most stupid comment ever made on this forum......and that's saying a lot.
  11. I'm confused.......they just wrestled the entire match without one video review. How can that be?
  12. Pay for it? You already have officials there, just assign one to video review. What's to pay for?
  13. Someone mentioned it earlier, and I'd have to agree. For Conference Tournaments and the NCAA FInals, the video review should be done by a 3rd official, with no input from either official on the mat. Someone who looks at the video evidence, and determines the outcome of the call. It's an easy fix, and a great idea. Takes away "What do you think? Here is what I saw..." even before they look at the video. Thoughts?
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