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  1. ....does that wipe out all the "varsity" records from the 2019/2020 season--as if it never happened? Sort of like a red-shirt year for everyone involved.
  2. Shane Griffith of Stanford loses all hope of becoming only the second man to win 4 titles while going undefeated. Before any of you say it would never happen, how do you know? Sure AM and VJ would be a tough hill to climb...but he put himself in position, which is more than anyone else has this season. And now we have to wait another season to see.....
  3. I just heard the quote on the catering, not the entire costs. And the difference in cost, my friend, is ridiculous. That means the place rents out for $250K/day more than Ford Field.......sorry, again, ridiculous!
  4. All the wrestlers are adults capable of making their own decisions. Why check with the parents, who can't even make medical decisions for them after they turn 18, per HIPAA?
  5. But might he be the first time 4-year undefeated, 3-NCAA NC Champ? How do we know? Do you have JimmyC's crystal ball?
  6. I know this seems unlikely--with three years left, but right now Shane Griffith of Stanford is 28-0 as a freshman. If the NCAA cancels--and in all likelihood it will--Griffith could end up being a career undefeated wrestler, but only earn 3 National titles.....and likely an asterisk in the record book. Imagine if we had a senior undefeated coming into the NCAA.....
  7. That would be on the wrestler to make the decision to compete or not. It would be the athlete's decision to weigh his options and chances. Most of the athletes are not in the danger area. Now---what of the workers, officials, venue staff, etc? Again, it's up to them to weigh their options and decide on their own. That can happen if that same athlete is walking down the street, or across campus, or at the local 7-11. Life happens. We need not live in fear. Fear is a down payment in a problem you may never have. Just my view from the cheap seats.
  8. I was just saying that the NCAA should hold March Madness in local HS gyms and pay those schools in lieu of paying those large venues a butt-load, only to have them be empty. At this point, the size of the venue makes zero difference. Think of the good that could come of this if the NCAA did this.
  9. Think about this for am moment. Wrestler A is on top, Wrestler B on bottom, whistle blows to start the action, Wrestler B comes to his feet. Wrestler A is holding on, but the come close to the edge....and Wrestler A lets go of Wrestler B, giving up the escape, and then drives him out of bounds, getting a 1-point push-out...and thus negating the escape point. As someone mentioned, no matter how well you write the rule, someone will find a way to game it to their advantage.
  10. Actually I wish they would open up the upper decks, as then I wouldn't have to worry about someone 10 rows in front of my standing up and blocking my view---yes, it is that bad. I bring binocs---did so at the Palace also--and the upper level would allow me to see all 20 mats without obstructions.
  11. It was being ironical, my friend. Which is exactly what I said. It isn't as if he was doing it and NOT engaging....he was engaging, just with an arm back. It wasn't "running away" from the opponent, he was right in his grill.
  12. So the next time a wrestler sprawls on a shot, he should be hit with stalling, since he's not engaging his opponent. First time and every time.
  13. Forgot to add---the reason I heard it wasn't at Little Caesars arena is that the catering cost just for the workers was quoted north of $25K....for two days! Yes, there are a lot of workers (20 mats staffed with four--clock, assistant clock, tapper, camera operator), Officials, security, cleaning crew (had to leaf-blow the rubber pebbles from the field off the mats) and those behind the scenes doing whatever they do.....it's a lot of people. I think I heard Ford Field came in around $12K for two days....just for food.
  14. In addition, this is the first year that the athletes were NOT allowed to bring in outside food/drink. When they showed up for weigh-in, coming through the gates, workers at Ford Field were throwing out sports drinks, water, and post-weigh-in meals the athletes brought. This is inconceivable--we preach staying healthy, eating right, staying hydrated during competition and want the athletes at their peak---and the athletes were faced with two choices-----leave the facility, run out in the cold to the parking lot and grab a bite to eat between matches OR eat the "healthy" options at the Concession Stand (popcorn, hotdogs and pizza mostly). Not certain who at the MHSAA dropped the ball here. I think someone forgot to inform the staff at the gates that these kids were allowed to bring in items. I get it about the general public, but not when it comes to the athletes. As for the venue--you are spot-on. It's just too damn big. In order to accomplish this is 2 days, they put 20 mats on the floor (five for each division). If you want to watch kids from all divisions, you either need to move between matches or sit way at the top and watch with binoc's. If you happen to be within the first 20-30 row, as soon as someone stands up, you are blocked out of at least 4 mats (incline in stands in minimal). Now--no way it could be held at Wing Stadium or Kellogg--not enough space for mats and not enough seating for people. Great for Team tourny, won't work for individuals. I suggested long ago they go to MSU, and use the Breslin and Munn Arena the first day (two divisions each location....they are only about 300' apart) and then starting in Semis, pull it into one location. This could also be done at Van Andel and Devos Center, but they are too far apart. Problem is, MSU has no desire to lose their facility for another weekend. It is already used for back-to-back weekends for basketball---but that could easily move to UM or Central...both have great facilities for BB. For those wondering, here is a photo of the setup 2020 2019
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