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  1. Holtfan

    Penn State @ Ohio State

    Nailed it! While I wasn't shocked, I was shocked in how quickly Nickal hit the cradle and ended it. Moore probably still doesn't know what hit him.
  2. Holtfan

    Any Wisconsin coaching news around Cleveland?

    Dave Bolyard and Luke Smith just became available. And they are likely to get a few wrestlers to come with them.
  3. Holtfan

    Eastern Michigan

    Here is a letter that was shared on the MichganGrappler page, penned by Noel Dean. Noel is the football coach at Lowell (MI) High School, who has a top-notch program in the state, and has sent many players to D1 and D2 schools. He is also Dave Dean's brother and Gabe Dean's uncle. As I understand it, many coaches in Michigan penning similar letters to EMU Football coach, indicated the same sediments that Noel Dean states below. https://www.michigangrappler.com/news_article/show/900286?referrer_id=1024194 Letter from Hall of Fame Football Coach Noel Dean to EMU Football Coach Chris Creighton Chris , I have to do what is right for the state of Michigan. As you know, I have coached high school football in the state of Michigan for the past 27 years. I have great respect for you as a coach and a person. You are just under the wrong leadership at the wrong time. Your president, a guy from South Dakota obviously doesn't understand the culture of Michigan and the value us lifelong Michigan residents not only have for the sport of football but wrestling too. He doesn't understand how deeply intertwined football and wrestling is in this state. Many coaches are involved in both and have sons, nephews and grand kids that participate in both. My biggest impact players have been both football players that are wrestlers. I am always and also told to have multi athletic players. This is in stark contrast to HIS position. I can't stand by and not take a stand against what is happening at EMU with the wrestling program. Wrestling contributes too much to the fabric of our schools systems in Michigan (a guy from South Dakota might not get it), but if I stick to the facts on this. wrestling is only a bone to keep people happy FOR NOW. They are coming for you next. If this goes through, you and your staff will not be allowed in any one of our buildings. I won't speak for the others copied in this email but I wanted them to see my position. Bottom line is, a guy from South Dakota is dumping on boys in the state of Michigan. I personally have had enough of people like this. Time to get priorities in order. You are a good man but, you may be at the wrong institution. Noel Dean
  4. Holtfan


    If I am not mistaken, his strength is in Greco.
  5. Holtfan


    I just heard a rumor that they have Martinez's 4th grade coach on the sidelines, and are going to interview him during IMart's match.
  6. Holtfan


    Someone take the sideline guys mic away...........geez.....
  7. Holtfan


    What a great finish!
  8. Holtfan

    Move the Date

    I work on the road. I am in Miinn this week. I went to a Sports Bar last night and asked if any of the 187 television they had would be broadcasting the NCAA Wrestling....and they looked at me like I had three heads. Had this been last week, no doubt that I could have watched the matches. Last night--not so much .
  9. Holtfan

    Explain 174 Seeding

    Disregard.........doesn't seem to matter any longer.
  10. Holtfan

    Explain 174 Seeding

    You mean they used an exhibition match where the contestants didn't weigh in and the match didn't count against records? What's next, we use how they wrestled against each other in practice?
  11. Holtfan

    Explain 174 Seeding

    Returning National Champion Undefeated this season Seeded #2 behind the man you defeated the last time your wrestled him (Semi Finals last season) How does Hall get the #2 and Valencia get the #1?? Am I missing something?
  12. Holtfan

    What happened to Barry Davis

    Keep in mind that a lot of coaches like Davis would never get fired, and leave when they believe the time is right. I believe he just felt it was time for him to move on and enjoy life. MSU didn't fire Minkel for years--even though they were in the basement year after year. The reason was that he didn't cost the University a lot of money, and his program didn't have a lot of issues (not in the news). I suspect the situation with Davis parallels this.
  13. Holtfan

    How many did your team Qualify?

    Embarrassingly enough....MSU - 1 The last time MSU hosted the B1G tourney, they qualified only 2....both brothers.
  14. Holtfan

    Flo getting tech falled.... AGAIN

    And when not working, it's as worthless as fly spit.
  15. Holtfan

    Michigan State Next Year?

    I agree with MSU---until and unless MSU upgrades their facilities (not just where meets are held, but also the practice facilities) they will likely always lose out to UM/CMU/tOSU. Who wants to wrestle in a barn that was built in 1940 and hasn't been updated since the early 70s....in front of 150 people at most. I've seen bigger crowds at high school matches on a Tuesday night than MSU draws on a weekend.