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  1. Woah... This board just went back to 2011
  2. I'm pretty sure its live on the Ocho.
  3. Wait, did the duel get moved to the Ocho?
  4. So what is the outcome if Iowa wins tonight? My guess is Iowa fans will swarm these boards bragging up their accomplishments not realizing that it means little come March. However, most fans will directly ignore this fact and talk smack as though the Hawks should be favored to win it all come March. Only to have reality start setting in at Big10's and then finally during the NCAA's. Any other predictions about how fans will handle an Iowa victory?
  5. Again, why not just move to matside weigh-ins? This is the best way to address weight cutting. You actually have to wrestle at the weight of your weight class. If you want to be 8-10lbs dehydrated starting a match, go for it. Odds are matside weigh-ins with no time to re-coup would nearly eliminate cutting weight.
  6. They need to just have mat side weigh-ins. Cut all you want, but you don't even get a minute to recoup. Get on the scale, get on the mat. No one likes cutting weight, only idiots brag about how much they have cut in the past. Cutting weight isn't something to be proud of its stupid. It isn't healthy and could be eliminated with mat side weigh-ins.
  7. I think they need to make qualifying for the NCAA Tournament based on performance during the regular season. This would greatly impact the importance of dual meets (not team scores, but individual matches). I would allot the majority of the spots based on regular season performance and then just send a couple based on conference tournaments... currently you can sitout almost all year... get 6th in the Big10 at a weight and you go to the big dance... I would prefer to base trips to the Championship on the whole body of work and then just allow for conf champs or top two etc to get an invite... Making the duals the "real" championship would have been disaster. Have to agree with Cael on that one... which is difficult since I hate him.
  8. I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree. I have been to enough NCAA finals to see many a wrestler seemingly shut down their offense after scoring a TD; I've seen a higher percentage of what appears to be stalling to win at the National tournament than just about any dual meet or tournament I've been too.... I'm afraid the National Duals will make it worse. I wouldn't mind seeing a major start at 5 points if the losing wrestler failed to score an offensive point, but I think there has to be some way to keep a low rated wrestler from clamming up just not to get majored, tech'd or pinned. Maybe it wouldn't happen as often as I think, but my gut tells me whenever a team title is on the line, a wrestler is going to try to help his team the best he can, and if that means blocking off and clamming up to not get stuck, than so be it.
  9. I believe that is because most wrestlers don't consider the team championship at the National Duals as "The" team championship. Its closer to attempting to win the Midlands. If the National Duals becomes "The" team champtionship, I think you will see considerable more gamemanship. Penn State wouldn't have skipped the National Duals, nor would have Iowa the year before if they had considered the "Team" championship was about to be crowned. This change will change the dynamics of the National Duals. Atleast, that is my best guess/fear of moving towards this scenerio.
  10. This! My biggest fear is this is going to become a blockoff snooze fest for all but the most competitive matches. If your a ranked wrestler lets say between 12-20 and you are wrestling a guy in the top 3; it is likely your strategy quickly becomes, "Don't get majored". In a tournament setting you have little to lose by going after an ACTUAL victory. Now simply getting beat by a decision becomes a victory. The more and more keeping matches close becomes a "Win" the worse wrestling is going to be to watch. In dual meets, especially close dual meets, this tends to become the situation. When a wrestler is thinking "Just don't get stuck" going into a HVY or 197lb match; it makes for some serious snooze-fests.....
  11. Just to be clear, what I was trying to say is that pending Penn State can remain reasonably injury free, they likely won't be beat at the National Tournament for 3 more years. They may lose a dual here and there. I would guess they will go into most NCAA Tournaments as 20-30 point favorites based on seeding alone. Pending upsets they could have a disaster tournament, or an opponent could have a heck of a run, but I just don't think it is likely. I would say Penn State has about a 90% chance to win each of the next 3 years. That would be roughly 75% likelihood to win 3 in a row. After that, the title is up for grabs. So grab some popcorn, sitback and enjoy the Nittany Lion dominance. It isn't going anywhere, anytime soon.
  12. Lets be honest, the title is PSU's to lose for the next 3 years. After that, it will be up for grabs again. PSU is by far the most solid tournament team out there, with a lot of guys who you would be "shocked" if they don't make the finals. For PSU to lose in the next 3 years it is going to take 1 of 3 things. Injuries, Substantially Poor Performance by PSU or Over Performance by someone else. I just don't see how anyone competes with PSU's horses unless one of them gets hurt. Four years from now, the title is once again up for grabs. Had the VT transfers not had to sit out a year, Iowa likely would have run off 4 straight... now its PSU's turn. After that, roll the dice. I'm sorry if I spoiled the next 2 seasons for you guys, maybe JB should make a rule against giving away what is going to happen next year and the year after. Should be fun to watch anyway though.
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