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  1. Man congratulations to Nickal but really didn't think that was two..
  2. stravo


    Headed to UNC!! Nice pickup for Scott. That has to be one of the premier lightweight coaching staffs in the nation. Sent from my SM-G925V using Tapatalk
  3. Retherford wasn't head and shoulders above Ringer, and anytime that is the case they should side with the Senior 3X champ.
  4. Rauser took 8th at 133 for Utah Valley. Meredith was a finalist for Wyoming, and Harms made Rd12 at 285. It was a down year for Western programs but I don't think it will be a trend
  5. Heil only beat Meredith 5-4 in their dual also. It's going to be a good one
  6. Wyoming kid transfers back home to give UW a finalist. That kid has had a heck of a tournament
  7. I think time ran out. You have to allow for reaction time, and slow motion doesn't give reaction time.
  8. Crutchmer got SCREWED. That match shouldn't have even seen OT.
  9. What do you mean Oliver isn't at his best? He has majored his way through the semis.
  10. Hernandez has a legitimate shot at upsetting Kilgore in the semis. Kilgore looks unbeatable but he only beat Hernandez by 1 earlier in year.
  11. Winston won't even get past McCulley in the First round. If anything McCulley is the one that has the upset potential against Welch.
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