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  1. Hey SHP, could you look at this again? The formula you have is what's used for team sports (basketball, etc.). I believe the wrestling calculation is just "Wrestler Win% x Opponents Win% x Opponents-Opponents Win%". Thanks!!
  2. It's Win% x Opponents Win% x Opponents-Opponents Win%. Since Ed can only wrestle who's in front of him, his RPI has a max, since he's won all his matches. The guys in front of him in RPI have wrestled guys that overall have a better record, but I would not be surprised in the difference, after the math is done, is extremely small.
  3. A question was asked on another board that no one had an answer to. Because "themat" is more widely read and posted, I thought someone may have an answer... When was the last time a top-10 D1 team was shut out? Illinois has had their share of misfortune this year, particularly with Futrell and Walker. Highly doubt this match has the same results with those 2 talented wrestlers in the line-up.
  4. Add... [table] [tr] [td]Marcus Mollica (Arizona State) 1st, 5th, 1st, 4thNed Blass Did not wrestle in the NCAA tournament as a SR[/td] [/tr] [/table]
  5. Here's an interesting article for you...http://www.hawkeyesports.com/sports/m-w ... 09aab.html
  6. Thanks EnglishBob and vsnej!! I did all the internet lookups and due-diligence on the size of the arena. I was looking for insight into the seating for a Wrestling Venue. Arena seating is determined by the configuration used (as you've noted), and can vary a good bit. Still, sounds like about 2000 more seats than Des Moines, ballpark. Again, thanks.
  7. Question for anyone that may know...what is total seating at the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City? Just curious, with all the scurrying around to get tickets...will we face the same thing in 2014? Hope the NCAA has learned something from this fiasco, as they'll be voting on the 2015 (and maybe 2016) sites this summer.
  8. No idea SHP, but could I add a request...anyone know why Alan Waters didn't go at the Scuffle. Maybe the same person knows both...
  9. Not so sure about that. If you are hinting that Yates will get the #3 seed, keep in mind that the Midlands is on VaTech's official schedule - not the Scuffle. They send folks to both, but the starters all went to the Midlands last year. Caldwell will surely get the #3 seed. Don't see him dropping behind Sulzer (UVA), who I believe has 3 losses on the year and is the next highest ranked wrestler at 165. Yates is going to Midlands, as are all of Va Tech's starters.
  10. Loved outdoor sports in the spring, summer, fall, and was bored during the winters in the Northeast. Took to wrestling to stay active. That was over 40 years ago!! Still a huge fan...
  11. Don't think this was a "gamble" at all. This was all about the team (at the time, trying to get Eiffort into the line-up). It didn't matter who was at which weight class to Dake.
  12. 1. Ruth 2. Perry 3. L. Stieber 4. McDonough 5. St. John 6. Oliver 7. Nelson 8. Kilgore 9. Dake 9. Taylor
  13. Coach Brands has talked about it quite a bit. Said multiple times "we want to be at midlands". Big concern and the reasoning is the TOSU dual that is very near the Midlands. He sounded pretty frustrated with Big 10s placement of that dual. Of course TOSU goes to neither as well. This raises a question (actually several) that has always been curious to me. How much input do the coaches have regarding their B1G schedule? I'm guessing none, though I'm not positive. They do have say in their remaining 8 competition dates, so another question would be...do the coaches wait until their B1G schedule is settled before completing their remaining schedule? Surely the answer is yes. It's surprising that any conference would schedule dual's this close to one of the biggest tournaments of the year.
  14. You guys down in Okie (or where ever you come from) are smoking some good stuff... Totally neutral, don't really care who wins. There should be some great wrestling, and the above is just a guess, nothing more. They'll settle it on the mat!! My guess is you're a Minny fan. Other's are entitled to opinions, too.
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