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  1. I lived on FMB during Hurricane Charlie. It sucked.
  2. Right on target for him. Heck you might enjoy both, too.
  3. The two best YA novels are WRESTLING STUBRIDGE by Rich Wallace and VISIONQUEST by Terry Davis. Davis' novel is quite different than the movie and a solid YA read. A SEASON ON THE MAT by Nolan Zavoral is nonfiction but sorta reads like a novel. It follows the Iowa 1997 season and is well done. I suppose the best adult novel that crosses into wrestling is John Irving's THE WORLD ACCORDING TO GARP, but it isnt really about wrestling. It is, however, freakin' awesome.
  4. Yianni still struggles letting guys in on his legs. Granted Musukaev's reshots were awesome, but Yianni needs step that aspect of his game way up.
  5. Zane wins everyone gets to shut up.... Yianni wins everyone gets to meltdown... Perfect.
  6. Isnt MMA 101 to really take care to set up your shots so one doesnt take a massive fist or knee to the face? He just dropped in there head down and hands down... It was scary. I really hope Ben is OK. That made my stomach turn.
  7. So lets say when they get to practice at the OTC there are a number of guys who take PD down all day- Derringer, Nickal, Dake, Cox (I think hes too big), that can slide into the weight. You believe at the highest level of our sport the coaching staff has to be nice guys and cannot make changes based on who wins every day in practice. Can you imagine Bill Belichick telling his team... "Yeah, I know he is better than the starter, but he tried out for guard, not tackle. Therefore he rides the bench. Too bad so sad." What if Alex D. finds a way to beat Dake? He looked awful good against Valencia. I wonder how many here would change their tune and advocate taking KD instead of PD?
  8. You kids! With your darn tattoos!
  9. I'm a Green fan for sure, but his tendency to coast and lack of urgency is painful.
  10. When did your ever think you would see PD3 beat someone with conditioning? Good for him.
  11. Four timer Logan Stieber just announced his retirement from competition... Any connection?
  12. Agree... And this could be the last B1G head coach opening for quite a while.
  13. Doing the same in Jakarta, Indonesia.
  14. Chamizo got a BS point off some sort of penalty when Burroughs countered a Russian arm pushing on Chamizo's face....whatever. He got a push out too. The rest was all vintage Burroughs.
  15. Disappointing. He has been wrestling like that for the last year. He looked just like the WTT finals.
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