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  1. Here we go. The end is beginning.... Canada is out. https://edition.cnn.com/world/live-news/coronavirus-outbreak-03-22-20/h_900d0ae1312a00d90668a8cc8011dcb9 "Canada will not send athletes to Tokyo Olympics Canada won't be sending teams to the Olympics this year. The Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) and Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC) are also calling for the games to be postponed by one year. "While we recognize the inherent complexities around a postponement, nothing is more important than the health and safety of our athletes and the world community," the committee said in a statement."
  2. Pretty sure they finished this long before he finished at tOSU... and granted he never won NCAAs, but Plamer was very, very good. https://ohiostatebuckeyes.com/four-time-all-american-lance-palmer-is-ncaa-championships-runner-up/
  3. Interesting read... So a decent 12 to 14 year who loves the sport and wants to make it his thing... how many actual matches would he typically wrestle in a year? Or maybe how many tournaments would enter?
  4. Purdue- I loath all things Purdue. Oregon- Just google "save oregon wrestling" and you will agree. Notre Dame- Pretty much the same story as Oregon but not quite as shady...maybe. Duke- But not becuase of Duke Wrestling. I like Duke Wrestling.
  5. I really think Desanto is some kind of wrestling savant or rainman or something. He has all the tools and is just as tough as can be, but something clicks when he get rattled and he falls apart. There is a good chance Tom and Terry get dont get enough credit for what they are doing with him as he is absolutely better between the ears than he was last year or when at Drexel. When he breaks like he did against RBY, I kind of feel sad for him.
  6. I use Sling and a VPN every year to access ESPN for NCAAs. Sadly no BTN on Sling. Hulu wont work with a VPN... Frustrating.
  7. Anyone overseas watching this? I have tried multiple times to access BTN since they moved to the Fox App and have never found legal or pirated access. I am happy to pay. Anyone have any ideas?
  8. I live in Southeast Asia and have tried multiple times to legally stream BTN. Espn is easy through Sling and a VPN, but have tried Hulu, Youtube TV, etc... Can anyone point me to anything that will work?
  9. You do realize that means wrestling at the level of Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Minnesota. Getting to the middle of the B1G is a massive task.
  10. Indiana is for sure improving. It will be interesting to see where they are in a year or two as Escobedo seems to be on the right track. Even the kids on the bench look more positive and involved than they have in years.
  11. I said stock the same on McKenna. The exact McKenna I figured would show up showed up. I am stock down with Zain because I was hoping this would be the breakthrough- the time when he beats someone who is world medal level. I really hoped he and Fix would jump levels... Maybe stock down isn't fair. But..yeah...meh.
  12. Maybe I should say my excitement levels about these wrestlers went down... I was really hoping Daton was gonna show up transcended to another level. He didnt. I'm bummed. Same with Zain. Downey got better. He avenged a loss. He is better than he was a year ago. He acts better than he did a year ago. I will always give props to anyone who gets better.
  13. Stock up today/Got Better Joe Colon Jordan Oliver Zahid Valencia Patrick Downey Stock same Thomas Gilman. Alex Dieringer Joey McKenna Stock Down/I was hoping for more...same story. Zain Retherford Daton Fix Kyle Dake
  14. Barjang just beat Zain and about an hour later Gets past McKenna. Pretty freakin impressive to me.
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