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  1. matts1w


    You kids! With your darn tattoos!
  2. I'm a Green fan for sure, but his tendency to coast and lack of urgency is painful.
  3. When did your ever think you would see PD3 beat someone with conditioning? Good for him.
  4. matts1w

    Who will Maryland hire?

    Four timer Logan Stieber just announced his retirement from competition... Any connection?
  5. matts1w

    Who will Maryland hire?

    Agree... And this could be the last B1G head coach opening for quite a while.
  6. matts1w

    NCAA Session 3 Thread

    Doing the same in Jakarta, Indonesia.
  7. Chamizo got a BS point off some sort of penalty when Burroughs countered a Russian arm pushing on Chamizo's face....whatever. He got a push out too. The rest was all vintage Burroughs.
  8. matts1w

    Worlds Day 3 Thread

    Disappointing. He has been wrestling like that for the last year. He looked just like the WTT finals.
  9. matts1w

    Andy Hrovat

  10. matts1w

    Final X Lincoln

    I appreciate Green's defense...seriously... but our world silver medalist cannot take down Chamberlain?
  11. matts1w

    Final X Lincoln

    That too. :)
  12. matts1w

    Final X Lincoln

    Two matches in and maybe four legit attacks. No wonder people could care less...
  13. matts1w

    Goldman Retired....

    Reading that headline was a weird experience.... Goldman retires (Elation and Joy!!!!). Escobedo new head coach (Oh....I see...Ummmm...Ok... I see...Really??? Ok...). It is like athletic director Glass couldn't even be bothered. He truly is a.... whatever. That being said I am, of course, going to support Coach Escobedo and wish him all the luck in the world. He may very well be the best candidate for the job. I truly hope he is.
  14. matts1w

    DeSanto to...

    I hate the term "States" too, but maybe this is one way to looks at it. Indiana and California have only one state championship series. The last day of the season there is only one tournament running. In Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, etc.. there are multiple tournaments running at the same time, so maybe going to "States" makes some sense.
  15. matts1w

    Drexel Coaches

    Wasn't he homeschooled? Seems like emotionally/socially he is a little off.