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  1. Thing is JB cannot really lose. Burroughs wins- he wins. Burroughs loses- he lost to a much bigger guy and stepped up to give the fans an awesome match. No shame in that. Either way he gets a nice paycheck and the fans are stoked. Thats the beauty of a little guy fighting a big guy. Didn't y'all ever read OF MICE AND MEN?
  2. If you think Ferrari could hang with Burroughs you have obviously never wrestled or, at the minimum, never even drilled with anyone near the same level as Burroughs. You truly don't get it.
  3. That was a fun event. I hope Flo keeps at it.
  4. I meant Martin. yeah. I picked Martin... Ha.
  5. Jackson looks impressive. Im going with him.
  6. I literally cannot watch a Rutgers dual with the volume up. The moment the whiistle blow fans are screaming, "STALLING....STALLING..." They make Iowa fans look good. Also, whoever that big bald cheerleader dude is: please stop.
  7. Taylor = Costanza: "Well, the Jerk Store called, and they're running out of you!" Only those over 40 will get that...maybe 45. :)
  8. If it is true that is the first time he has skated in 13 years, he must have been really good. One just doesn't ollie into a handrail slide down four or five stairs at 35 years old.
  9. Are they going to fill stadiums? Surely not???
  10. Mike did lob him nothing but perfectly placed softballs answered with nothing but cliche and lame soundbites. Z wasn't pushed or challenged for even a second.
  11. In light of what we know about false convictions, corruption, polictial agendas, disinformation, and econoimic disparity, it is sickening and barbaric that any nation continues with executions/capital punishment... oh...wait a minute... 'Murica! Never mind.
  12. That whole Brandon era was jam packed with high school phenoms who just could not put it together in college.
  13. Had Dake had to cut actually cut to 74kg that match could have gone different. Next time they wrestle ti will still be a tossup in my mind, but then again I see JB in the spot, not Dake.
  14. This is a really unfair advantage for Dake. He is getting younger and younger while Chimizo maybe close to 39 before they actually wrestle.
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