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  1. Nate Everhart wrestled at Indiana University and was a Big Ten runner up and three time national qualifier. Apparently he is now Kurt Angle's long lost son or something. The real problem I have with Gable going to rassling is that I clicked a link or two and now my Facebook page is full of WWE ads and fan pages.
  2. Both of his pushouts came of his left side underhook. That's kind of his thing. Taylor did amazing pretty much shutting it down.
  3. The Iranian underhook is legendary, Yaz did far more than grab a head
  4. What a great match. Congrats to Taylor. Congrats to Yaz too. Two warriors.
  5. He wrestled his a$$ off the whole tournament. Congrats to him! He did great.
  6. In the spirit of the Olympic Games I just want to float this concept out there: It is possible for an American wrestler to lose not because of PEDs, corrupt refs, predetermined brackets, and falsified birth certificates. Sometimes other wrestlers are really, really good too. That being said Looking forward to these semifinal in five minutes.
  7. Dude- I think totally misjudged you if you are posting this as parody... If you are well done. Seriously. Keating would be impressed.
  8. You forgot pollutes lakes, rivers, and oceans with obsessive fertilizer and pestisides from runoff.
  9. No problem. My ideas are far from universal law. Go ahead and smash your little white ball in a glorified version of croquet and prance down your manicured lawns and golf cart paths. Never stop pretending you are indeed an athlete. As you say, that fact cannot be questioned. Cheers.
  10. Seems many are questioning your "without question" sport of golf. https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-2002-04-19-0204190149-story.html https://www.thesportster.com/entertainment/top-10-reasons-golf-is-not-a-sport/ There are endless more...
  11. Darts. Fishing. Bowling. Skeet shooting. Horseshoes. Golf. (I siad it. Golf!). esports.
  12. I said nothing about rituals and aesthetics. I was literally talking about glitter, makeup, and smiling to score points and win.
  13. The whole smoking, out of shape aspect. I know that is not really the case anymore, but histroically it was. It absolutley shares characteristics with sport, and there are some aspects that share aspects with golf and bowling. Is being a DH more a skill than an athlete? Don't say, "You try to hit a fast ball!" I get it.
  14. My sport criteria.... 1. If you can be the best in the world at it and, at the same time, be a fata$$, smoke cigartettes, and brink beer while literally doing, it is not a sport. Examples: fishing, darts, bowling, golf... 2. If to do well one has to wear meakeup, sparkles, and smile, it is not a sport. (Figure skating, ballroom dancing...) 3. If there is not clear criteria where everyone comes a 99% conclsion of who wins, it is not a sport. This means first across the finish line, object thrown the farthest, ball through the hoop, ball in a goal, number of hits, number of takedowns, lift the most weight... that sort of thing. OF COURSE THERE IS SOME SUBJECTIVITY AND HUMAN JUDGEMENT: Did he travel? False start? Illeagle slam? Charging or blocking? This is different than judging where the USA judge gives an athlete a 9/10 and the Russian judge scores the same thing 4/10. Note: Some olympic events like gymnastics and diving have truly tried to end this sort of subjectivity. Kudos to them. 4. If it involves a motor, it ain't a sport. I know motorcross take incredible endurance. Incredible endurance does not equate to sport. So... Figure skating is not a sport - Speed skaing is. Airal Ski jumping is not a sport - Downhill skiiing is. Downhill skateboarding is a sport - half pipe is not. Swimming is sport - diving is not. You get the idea. Note 1: Becuase an activity is not a sport, does not mean it isnt incredble , fun to watch, and its participants are not badass. I love watching skateboarding, gymnastics, diving, etc... Competitive cheerleaders are as tough as can be. Note 2: Becuase something takes incredible athletic ability, strength, hard work, conditioning, and dedication, that does not qualify it as a sport. Ballet, break dancng, and tap dancing are great examples of such. Ever watch a speed metal drummer? Super athletic, but not a sport. Note 3: Becasue it is not a sport, that does not make it less awesome. I love fishing so much that... lets just say I love fishing. I work very hard at it and there are skills I need to practice all the time to catch more fish than other people. That, of course, does not make me an athlete. If my daughther wants to go into cheerleading and tumbling when she is older, I would love that for her. Not being a sport is not an insult. Some need to quit acting like it is. Note 4: Everyone always says, "What about baseball?" That is a great question. To me baseball really straddles the line. It is more sport than golf for sure... and the one outlier that challeneges my criteria. To me I say sport...but I could see it like golf too. Hmmmm... I think that is it...
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