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  1. The brilliance on both sides in that video is staggering: a global pandemic... literally rolling around in urine/beer/whatever else.. getting face broken for no good reason... catching a horrible civil suit for breaking some dude's face for no good reason...everything caught on cell phones... Everyone in that room needs to rethink their priorities.
  2. It is silly how the IOC sh--s all over certain sports (wrestling, etc...) with the notion that there are too many medals so we must reduce the number of competitors and only allow one entrant per country. Meanwhile other sports (swimming, track, gymnastics) have multiple entrants per nation and athletes like Michael Phelps have literally 25+ medals. So yeah... I have no problem with the some working the system to do what they gotta do to compete.
  3. Just watched this... Not at all what I thought it was. It was a fine Christian movie and did a solid job with that message... Will leave it at that.
  4. Actually 3. Brandon Becker was very good too.
  5. Garbage take. "Out in LA" and "True Men Don't Kill Coyotes" sound more like RHCP songs. Everything after needs to go away. This, of course, shows my age. :)
  6. I enjoyed it..and agree... I'd like to go out drinking with Bubba. He seems a good guy.
  7. Even before the finals, I have enjoyed the heck out of this event. There has been some great wrestling.
  8. To the rest of the world, it makes no sense that our schools are in the sports business. We are pretty much the only nation on the planet that does so. I LOVE high school and college sports, but maybe, for the sake of discussion, it is time to consider a separation. Maybe...and I stress MAYBE...it would be better for both youth sports and schools to go in different directions. Thoughts?
  9. Thing is JB cannot really lose. Burroughs wins- he wins. Burroughs loses- he lost to a much bigger guy and stepped up to give the fans an awesome match. No shame in that. Either way he gets a nice paycheck and the fans are stoked. Thats the beauty of a little guy fighting a big guy. Didn't y'all ever read OF MICE AND MEN?
  10. If you think Ferrari could hang with Burroughs you have obviously never wrestled or, at the minimum, never even drilled with anyone near the same level as Burroughs. You truly don't get it.
  11. That was a fun event. I hope Flo keeps at it.
  12. I meant Martin. yeah. I picked Martin... Ha.
  13. Jackson looks impressive. Im going with him.
  14. I literally cannot watch a Rutgers dual with the volume up. The moment the whiistle blow fans are screaming, "STALLING....STALLING..." They make Iowa fans look good. Also, whoever that big bald cheerleader dude is: please stop.
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