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  1. So let me get this straight... Willie explains he left Flo becuase he felt too much of his work was behind the Flo paywall. He explains this via a new website that is behind a different paywall? Is this a joke? Is there no irony in that?
  2. Askren always talks about putting on a good show, and this was for sure a good fight, but will probably be his last in the UFC. I'm pretty sure one of the primary rules of showmanship is to always leave the crowd wanting more. I don't want any more Askren MMA. He should have shut it down after the ONE Championship thing. He would have gone out a legend and a fun "what if" discussion instead of...well...you get my point.
  3. https://twitter.com/termn8r13/status/1175148053621346304/photo/1
  4. Great info. Thanks both of you for responding.
  5. Official- Your back acne is bleeding... not that your are into PEDs or anything.
  6. USA wrestler taken out a American... and Pyles' head explodes.
  7. Disagree. German was just better in every position. Downy's done well. Hopefully he get pulled back in....errr....problem is the German has to beat Yaz... Oh well.
  8. Im enjoying Downey. He's wrestling smart, focused, and with purpose. I really dug the shot clock point to one second later push out in his last match with Poland.
  9. Random question... I am always really impressed by the Japanese wrestlers. I was just curious, how do kids in Japan find wrestling? Are they recruited out of Judo clubs? Is there a region of Japan known for producing great wrestlers? How does their system work? Thanks in advance.
  10. I lived on FMB during Hurricane Charlie. It sucked.
  11. Right on target for him. Heck you might enjoy both, too.
  12. The two best YA novels are WRESTLING STUBRIDGE by Rich Wallace and VISIONQUEST by Terry Davis. Davis' novel is quite different than the movie and a solid YA read. A SEASON ON THE MAT by Nolan Zavoral is nonfiction but sorta reads like a novel. It follows the Iowa 1997 season and is well done. I suppose the best adult novel that crosses into wrestling is John Irving's THE WORLD ACCORDING TO GARP, but it isnt really about wrestling. It is, however, freakin' awesome.
  13. Yianni still struggles letting guys in on his legs. Granted Musukaev's reshots were awesome, but Yianni needs step that aspect of his game way up.
  14. Zane wins everyone gets to shut up.... Yianni wins everyone gets to meltdown... Perfect.
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