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  1. What is slated to happen to the old wrestling room once the new facilty is completed? Maybe it goes to the women? That woould be a pretty sweet start for a brand new program.
  2. Dad (Jim) is a world medalist and led Indiana University to much success in the 1980s before heading into the business world. Some say he was the architect of the Kendall Cross win over Terry Brands.
  3. Jordin is Reece's older brother by, I think , three years. Jordin was very, very good in high school and had some success in college- obviously his brother was on a different level, but the whole family is incredibly tough.
  4. In the early 1980s I had a pair of red and white VANS wrestling shoes that fell apart in about three weeks. My mom was pissed and I went back to the mesh Tigers. Loved those shoes.
  5. I think we can hypothesize that ASU already has a really, really good 125, and Zeke felt the messages sent by bringing in a hired gun with no loyalties to anyone but himself would do more harm than good.
  6. You still havent addressed my question except with more questions and lame semantics debate about a figure of speech. But I will play your game... How many Americans have found themselves in financial, physical, and mental crisis after losing their job and benefits? I guess we could do the research, but surely someone as smart of you will acknowledge it is far higher than then number of people dead from COVID vaccine.
  7. Ok. Just so you know, gazillion is just a expression for a huge number It is not a real number. I brought up that a gazillion people (actually 6 billion doses) had safely taken the vaccine. I questioned the logic of the idea that one believes themselves at a bigger risk taking COVID vaccine than the uncertainty of having no job and no health benefits. If you are still unwilling to address that simple question than we both need to stop.
  8. I dont even know where to start. Im pretty sure the discussion was about Americans (like Howe) with the best access in the world to the best vaccines in the world choosing to walk away from solid jobs and health benefits for... nevermind. You want bring in people in parts of the world with no access to anything... Forget it. I'm done.
  9. Good grief... Whatever.... Here ya go. As of two days ago: World Wide Total Doses Given 6.27B World Wide People fully Vaccinated 2.65B I will ask again, what is a bigger risk to one's well being- walking away from a job and a family health insurance plan... or taking COVID vaccine?
  10. I wonder if there is way to calculate the risk/benefit ratio of refusing a vaccine taken safely by a gazillion people and proven to be very effective... versus quitting a job and losing one's income in such uncertain times and (I assume) walking away from personal (and perhaps a family) health insurance plan. Such a decision makes literally no sense to me.
  11. Nate Everhart wrestled at Indiana University and was a Big Ten runner up and three time national qualifier. Apparently he is now Kurt Angle's long lost son or something. The real problem I have with Gable going to rassling is that I clicked a link or two and now my Facebook page is full of WWE ads and fan pages.
  12. Both of his pushouts came of his left side underhook. That's kind of his thing. Taylor did amazing pretty much shutting it down.
  13. The Iranian underhook is legendary, Yaz did far more than grab a head
  14. What a great match. Congrats to Taylor. Congrats to Yaz too. Two warriors.
  15. He wrestled his a$$ off the whole tournament. Congrats to him! He did great.
  16. In the spirit of the Olympic Games I just want to float this concept out there: It is possible for an American wrestler to lose not because of PEDs, corrupt refs, predetermined brackets, and falsified birth certificates. Sometimes other wrestlers are really, really good too. That being said Looking forward to these semifinal in five minutes.
  17. Dude- I think totally misjudged you if you are posting this as parody... If you are well done. Seriously. Keating would be impressed.
  18. You forgot pollutes lakes, rivers, and oceans with obsessive fertilizer and pestisides from runoff.
  19. No problem. My ideas are far from universal law. Go ahead and smash your little white ball in a glorified version of croquet and prance down your manicured lawns and golf cart paths. Never stop pretending you are indeed an athlete. As you say, that fact cannot be questioned. Cheers.
  20. Seems many are questioning your "without question" sport of golf. https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-2002-04-19-0204190149-story.html https://www.thesportster.com/entertainment/top-10-reasons-golf-is-not-a-sport/ There are endless more...
  21. Darts. Fishing. Bowling. Skeet shooting. Horseshoes. Golf. (I siad it. Golf!). esports.
  22. I said nothing about rituals and aesthetics. I was literally talking about glitter, makeup, and smiling to score points and win.
  23. The whole smoking, out of shape aspect. I know that is not really the case anymore, but histroically it was. It absolutley shares characteristics with sport, and there are some aspects that share aspects with golf and bowling. Is being a DH more a skill than an athlete? Don't say, "You try to hit a fast ball!" I get it.
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