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  1. Willie being gone is really a knock on Flo. He was very knowledgeable and gave the HS kids a platform for recruiting. Flo will have big shoes to fill, regardless if everyone agrees. He brought an angle that is hard to replace with knowledge and passion. The wrestling community is small, and supporting everyone, whether we agree with their stance is important for growth of the sport. There are many personalities I don't agree with, but respect, for the betterment of the sport. This small bubble has created many lifelong friendships for myself. From college wrestling, to college coaching, to just passionately following the sport --- we need to keep those involved.....involved.
  2. I'm not claiming that there's not someone....somewhere that can. I'm just saying the list is not reasonable as many of the wrestlers today are not capable. Why? Because it's nearly impossible. There's some real strong dudes out there..but doesn't mean they can toss bench around like it's their job. 1 off's? Of course. I bench a lot, but the usefulness of it has been questioned for some time, and I agree that there are far more exercises and movements that can assist a wrestler to become better. For the record, I coached college wrestling and saw some strong dudes come through the halls. 99% couldn't hit the numbers suggested above though. I'd rather see a wrestler focus on good-form deadlifts than benchpress.
  3. Point being - I doubt homeboy was benching anything close to world record weights.... Wrestlers (I was one too), are often strong..but aren't power lifters. And you aren't putting up near world record class weight if you aren't lifting as a job. Natural strength is one thing, but bench is one of those areas where you can lose a lot if not working it often. I call bs ;)
  4. The WORLD record for someone weighing 130 lbs is 303 lbs (raw). I think you may be off a bit on your teammate that far exceeded the world record. The number 2 in the world at 145 has benched 341.
  5. As someone who works out a lot and can bench above that top level - I can say with almost 100% certainty that your chart is wrong. The ability to bench more than twice your body weight is a considerable feat. Most/if any 125 lbs won't be touching 250. No way desanto and other 133's are coming close to 275 either. To be considered strong, I would say a closer approach would be 1.8x body weight. There won't be many that can accomplish that. The estimated percentage of people able to bench 2x or more is like 1%. To even do 1.5x is estimated at 10%.
  6. Did anyone else notice all the "lee's"? 125 - LEE 141 - LEE 157 - hid-LEE 165 - marine-LEE
  7. I may be interested. Info please worldsapart07 @ gmail.com
  8. Iowa - this one is tough.... Eric Juergens – 3,3,1,1 (ended 2001) Matt McDonough – 1,2,1, X Cory Clark – 5,2,2,1 ??????
  9. how is the downtown Wyndham? That's where I'll be staying. I still need to locate 2 sets of tickets for the event.
  10. Anyone have a single all session ticket for sale?
  11. High school topic...but had to post in college for this. Listen to Terry Brands' kid after winning a state title. Sounds just like the typical brands haha. Love it.
  12. Actually, for me it's NJCAA. JUCO gets a LOT of guys that are D1 material, but due to grades, personal issues, etc, could not cut it. Therefore, the top guys at NJCAA are fun to watch. To name a few: Nate Skonieczny, Ryne Cokeley this year to name a couple. Patrick Downey, Richie Lewis from last year. Always some highly known names to bring it come tournament time.
  13. I think Snyder will take this match 5-3. I think the scoring goes like this in no particular order: Snyder: T2 T2 E1 Gadsen: E1 T2 Predictions?
  14. What has happened to all of Kentucky Mudflap's posts? Is themat.com getting micromanaged extensively now? I have seen more deleted threads and lock posts than I ever have. What gives? Troll jobs?
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