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  1. David Taylor was undefeated in fantasy matchups against Kyle Dake, but couldn't quite get it done during the real matches. On that note, how do you feel today's version of Spencer Lee would fair against someone like the college version of Yojiro Uetake? I admittedly don't have a lot of knowledge on Uetake's style. I do know he was 3x National Champion and undefeated in college and won gold in the '64 and '68 olympics. Many say he was never really challenged in college, so I am curious how many feel that would translate to today's competition. Obviously Lee has lost in college multiple times, but many still consider him a generational talent and someone that will be a force internationally. Asking 77 year old Uetake to participate in a match now wouldn't make much sense :) so let's hear it. I'm really interested in hearing from some of our old timers that maybe followed wrestling back then. We know YoJo was 57-0 with 11 falls, so he wasn't really a prolific pinner. He was quick on his feet and had a very square stance. Here's his '64 College Finals match which he won 5-2. I am of the belief that the sport has evolved so much in regards to strength, conditioning and nutrition that today's crop of wrestlers are probably a higher level OVERALL (top to bottom). It's also not fair to compare that only. Given the same training and overall health options, I am guessing Uetake may have been even better too. These fantasy matchups are always fun, albeit not right or wrong and solely based on opinion. This one is even more difficult based on the limited Uetake knowledge that many may have, myself included.
  2. The thing that I noticed about him was his scrambling ability. For a 165 lber, he has instincts that will keep him in almost any match. Even if he gets out of position, he has the ability to make up for it similar but on a lesser scale than say Yianni. Yianni will let guys get in deep and usually win the position. For a bigger guy, Griffith know what to do in scramble situations. For a RSFr, that's an intangible that's hard to teach quickly. The younger kids keep getting better at funky positions. His match against Shields had a few positions that were interesting.
  3. The people I mentioned I spoke to who didn't know him and the people that replied already to this thread disagree. Of course the above average fans know him. Just trying to bring light to some less talked about talent that isn't "B10". The stanford season is far quieter than that of say Iowa or PSU. I'd like to see Real Woods wrestle a B10 schedule too. Next time, I'll try to choose a more accurate descriptor. Maybe "less quiet". Or maybe "quieter than Big 10 wrestlers"
  4. Not sure what point you're trying to prove here. In my original post I said "While many of you are sure to know of him and about him, I wanted to share some stats for those that may not be too familiar with him yet.". Then you ramble about me just wanting to promote a kid. Not sure what would make you think that, and frankly, who cares? That's not the case at all. So I'm not sure where I am agreeing with anything I didn't already say. I'm saying you're WRONG about me "just wanting to promote a kid". I'm wanting to promote the sport of wrestling, which I guess is a problem for you. I have said twice now that there are groups of people that know of him (those that follow exceptionally close) and then the casual fans who don't know a whole lot about him. I'm so sorry for trying to enlighten those fans. It's responses like yours that really taint this board though. Whether it be touting a kid or the sport, I'm still not sure your point or the issue. Get over yourself.
  5. Tonight at the Iowa High School State Wrestling Finals, Adam Allard (3 time state champ with 199 straight wins) went up against another returning champ, Aidan Noonan. Allard was winning 2-1 with 5 seconds left in the match when Noonan turned him for 3 to win 4-2. Allard didn't claim his 4th title and also missed out on being the 1st Iowa high schooler with 200 straight wins (not total wins). This was a heck of a match. With that said, Allard will still go to UNI as planned ;)
  6. In wrestling it's a bit different than say football or basketball because the scouting is much "easier" - though I say that lightly. By easier, I mean the 1v1 aspect. In football and basketball you're gauging someone with many other offensive or defensive players there as well. Another good player can make your target appear better as well. When I was recruiting for wrestling, I spent a lot of time watching film, going to live events and really getting to know the kids. The margin for error is much smaller in wrestling as you have to get the academics, character and skill mostly correct. If you lost 1 or 2 guys at a weight due to ineligibility, you can screw yourself. Football may have 10 guys at a position in some instances. Lastly, the result of someone losing in their last match in the state finals is less of a concern depending on the situation. Look at Spencer Lee. That's an extreme example, and he was wrestling another highly touted recruit, but you get the picture. If someone has made it that far through the process and has been "can't miss" for quite some time, that person can have an off day or match. There's a lot of wrestlers that have had successful careers with losses ;) When the loss happens doesn't really matter, and frankly, the state tournament may be the best place for it. At least then you know the competition is a bit better, hopefully. I'd look at the larger sample size. Quality of opponents. Match circumstances. Trends. While referees should never be counted on to make the correct call...and a wrestler shouldn't let a ref decide...it DOES happen, and coaches are aware of that. Even though the loss may still exist, that is something a recruiter can overlook. Hope that helps, and it's a very small example of a few things.
  7. The whole thing is absurd. And what about JoJo Smith losing to an ISU backup? Didn't expect that one.
  8. This topic is based on someone who wants to promote a kid? lol I coached college wrestling in Iowa and wrestled there my whole life. No...this post is from a fan of wrestling and someone that wants to give more exposure to the sport. As I said in my post, many of us probably know about him, but there's a whole other side of the sport that doesn't follow it as closely.....see the responses above. So don't flatter yourself...
  9. While Shane Griffith is currently ranked #3 at 165 behind Cenzo and The Bull, I feel many aren't familiar with Griffith. I was talking to a few friends earlier this week, and I mentioned that Griffith has the talent to hang and/or beat the both of the guys above him. No one even knew who I was talking about, unfortunately. Wrestling for Stanford obviously limited the exposure that guys in the Big 10 normally get, but this kid is putting together a heck of a season. He's accomplished in freestyle as well with Junior Pan Am Gold, runner up at the junior worlds and a junior national runner up. Both losses were to Aaron Brooks. While many of you are sure to know of him and about him, I wanted to share some stats for those that may not be too familiar with him yet. His redshirt freshman year he went 24-2 with a 6-4 loss to Cenzo at the scuffle and a 3-1 loss to Ryan Niven from grandview. Niven is no slouch either a (3,2) finisher in NAIA. This year, he is undefeated at 26-0 with convincing wins over #11 Fogarty (5-0), #7 Shields (5-3), #6 Wittlake (4-1), #13 Monday (9-4), #20 Jarrell (8-2) and pinning #18 Ethan Smith. This kid is going to be special for years to come.
  10. Many of you probably remember tyrell. Juco champ at Clackamas and won another at Grand Canyon. I never realized he almost died from cutting weight. https://www.espn.com/mma/story/_/id/28731512/living-fight-another-day-pronounced-dead
  11. Huh? It's silly of me to say I wanted to see a match go the distance? I couldn't care less about Cass getting stomped or not. The reasoning I wanted to see more of the match is because well....wait for it....I like wrestling, and I want a larger sample size to truly weigh the skill difference. You said because I don't want to see the best these two have to offer? A wrestler can get pinned on any given day, and "best" does not equate to repeatable. Not sure what your argument is here honestly. I wanted to see more wrestling, and witness what these two can do over 3 periods.
  12. I don't agree with this. While Parris is very very good, I think we're failing to remember how good Gable Steveson is. I do feel Parris' athleticism will be able to give Gable fits at times and close the gap, but this is the same guy that lost to Sam Stoll last year at nationals. The same guy that lost to Cassar 19-8. Has he improved? Of course he has. He looks bigger, stronger and has retained his speed as well. I just don't see it to be enough to beat Gable consistently. I do think the match will be 2-3 points though. I would take Gable 8-5 ish. I will say this - Cassioppi got worked in every facet of that match, but I think he'll close the gap considerably if they meet at B10's. The match was very exciting, even Cass's reversal. I actually wish that match would have went the distance to see how close it may have been. Cass normally works hard late in matches, and I would been interested to see if Parris maintained his speed throughout.
  13. Correct. I honestly wish I didn't have mine removed when I did. I have far more issues now and will probably be looking at replacement at a ripe young age lol
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