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  1. "so what"? You just said - it's a mathematical computation of who performed best in the 90's. That's not true though. I would say Tom Brands performed much better than many people on that list...never losing in the finals in the 90's. Also, your assumption of me disagreeing simply because of a placement of 1 wrestler is completely false. Tom Brands is the only person on the list that fits the criteria. If another person were also impacted that way, I would have mentioned them too..but feel free to try to spin it to your own narrative. You don't have to agree with what I stated...but it doesn't make it wrong, either. Two people can have differing opinions, but you come off as the guy that can never be wrong. I still say the rankings aren't reflective of the best performers of the 90's the way it's done. You do though...excellent!
  2. If that's the case, Brands should be near the top. Hard to do better than 1,1,1 in the 90's for Brands..which makes him the best ANYONE could be in those circumstances. I think a better calculation would be someone with 2 years in the 90's....divide by 2. Someone with 3 years in the 90's....divide by 3. Putting someone at 8, which we know is absurd simply because of earning a zero due to overlap makes any ranking worthless lol. I still like these posts, but meh.
  3. I'm not even sure why Nomad is on these shows. He typically sits in the background not saying anything for 30 minutes at a time. When he does speak, it seems forced and not as natural. Bader could do these on his own imo. I do appreciate some instances where they have more back and forth, but there's too much time with no interaction.
  4. good info. No doubt about it, he's one of my favorite hawkeyes and absolutely a top guy. With so many top notch quality to pick from, it's a friendly debate with any selection. Hard to leave out the likes of Ed Banach (1,1,2,1), Tom (4,1,1,1), Barry Davis(7,1,1,1), Zalesky (5,1,1,1), McIlravy (1,1,2,1) Spencer (1,1,1***,?....yes, I gave spencer an asterisk #1). As you can see, this is why I had Randy outside the top 5. But imo, spencer, randy, juergens, scarpello, Joe Williams, Ironside could all slide in there. Heck, leaving Joe Williams off with a (7,1,1,1) may be more of an oversight for me.
  5. 2x champ, and it's asking specifically about best Hawkeye, which I was assuming was college career. Internationally, he would definitely be in a top 5, I am guessing. My list wouldn't change much, but obviously Spencer Lee drops out when taking in international too just because of lack of exposure to the olympics so far.
  6. seems we're on the same page. Hard to pick some of those.
  7. Ed Banach not on any list? Come on. 1. Tom Brands 2. Barry Davis 3. Ed Banach 4. Lincoln McIlravy 5. Spencer Lee Then Jim Zalesky, Randy Lewis, Mark Ironside, Eric Juergens, Joe Williams, Mark Perry, Metcalf and others
  8. did you just bring the hips to the party? Cenzo has good hips.
  9. Sammy Brooks, Palacio as mentioned above, Tom brands (magnetic, rigid, impulsive and intense all in one)
  10. Matt Thumper (matthew.thumper.54 on fb) is solid
  11. No McDonough on the list with 1,2,1 finishes? 122-9 overall record.
  12. I mean yeah if you're referring to rematches all-time. Hard to avoid those. I was answering, once again, in rematches this year. Need more context for your data points, I guess lol Glory vs Spencer Lee wouldn't be exciting because it's a rematch from last year? It's difficult to avoid rematches over 4 years with high quality wrestlers. They tend to meet in finals/conference tourneys.
  13. My only argument to that is Kemmerer's uncanny ability to scramble. If he can do what he did vs. Mark Hall, I have a feeling he would be fine against Kutler too in scramble situations. Hall beat Kutler 7-2. Kutler only put up 6 against Statzka. Kemmerer put up 20 against the same opponent. While that doesn't mean much, I don't see Kutler scoring much against Kemmerer.
  14. Most of the matches I listed are not rematches. And the heading was a question. I was asking what everyone's most anticipated matches were that they didn't see. Therefore, it's open to whatever people posted. I just gave my list as well, that is all. Sorry for your disappointment lol
  15. These are very good points. Brooks hit his stride, and he's going to do big things. I think everyone knew he was a phenom, but he made some upperclassmen look like freshmen. He will be tough to beat over the next 3(4?) years.
  16. Yeah lol. I had to provide my own list. Was curious of any I may have missed.
  17. Obviously upsets could have happened, but some I was really looking forward to (potentially). Note: These are not predictions. Just matches I wanted to see that were missed and "could" have happened. Some great 2nd round and quarters matches. I honestly think this would have been one of the deepest national tournaments taking into account all the olympic redshirts. One of the deepest ever without the oly shirts. 125 Lee vs Mueller in the semis Glory vs Picc in the semis Lee vs Glory in the finals I think this weight would have went scratch for the top 4 seeds to the semi's. I think Lee would have won handily vs Glory in the finals 133 Phillipi vs RBY in the quarters Tucker vs DeSanto in the Quarters Gross vs Tucker or DeSanto in the semi's Rivera vs RBY in the semi's I think Gross would have won this weight, though Rivera may have pulled it off. 141 Real Woods vs Chad Red in the quarters Woods vs Lee in the Semis 149 Lugo vs Degan in the quarters Lugo vs Mauller in the semis Sasso vs O'Connor in the Semi's 157 Young vs Teemer in the 2nd round Young or Teemer vs Deakin in the quarters Dellavecchia vs Robb 2nd round Winner of above vs Monday in quarters Carr vs Sheets or Coleman in the quarters Hidley vs Carr in the semi's 165 Wittlake vs White in the quarters Griffith vs Shields in the quarters Griffith vs Joseph in the Semis Whomever in the finals 174 Steiert vs Lydy in the quarters Kemerer vs Kutler semis Hall vs Kemmerer finals 184 Deprez vs Hidlay in the quarters Lujan vs Hidlay in the semis Caffrey vs Assad part II Brooks vs Caffrey/Assad quarters Brooks vs Bolen Brooks vs Lujan or someone 197 Norfleet vs Brucki 2nd round Moore vs Brucki quarter Warner vs Rasheed 2nd round Warner vs Darmstadt quarters Schultz vs Geer 2nd round Adams vs Woodley 2nd round HWT Wood vs Orndorff 2nd round Hall vs Stencel Cassioppi vs Parris Gable vs Parris
  18. Why does anyone really care about reactions? I'm really curious. Is it board "street cred"? Is there another value to the reactions?
  19. Just think: Maybe the Coronavirus vaccine will turn out to be whatever it was he was taking that got him suspended. Then he can be seen as a trendsetter and being the thought leader in coronavirus containment. His suspension will be nullified and goes on to be granted entry into the 2020 postponed postseason....winning another national title. Ok...maybe not.
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