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  1. I don't know considering Caldwell be Schaub the oly representative in his first tournament in free style in almost 4 years, and the fact that he only did 2 years in free anyway, I would say yes, Caldwell could beat Jantzen. I think all those guys Caldwell, Metcalf, DS (when healthy), Burroughs, are all abetter than Jantzen. Heck DS as a frosh beat Zack Esposito worse than a Sr, Jantzen did. I have to agree if DS never got hurt he was going to be a beast, although, he wasn't hurt his sophomore year when he lsot to Gregor, so I don't know. i dont know why people always say caldwell was inexperienced in freestyle.. i remember him being at blair camp and fargo after his 8th grade year even, and he definitely did freestyle a couple of years in high school. not that inexperienced in my opinion
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