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  1. rumor has it...i hope so..world team trials were sickening watching a couple of these takedowns decide the match
  2. 95% of military members join the military for financial security. I think you just made my point
  3. You're assuming Pico joins the army with no intention in fighting in armed combat. Just increase my tax dollars even more so we can pay him an income to train toward his olympic aspirations. I hate when I hear this kind of crap.....join the army for financial security?????
  4. oops....sorry for the multiple posts
  5. If you had a son and you had one college wrestler you wanted him to emulate(within reason lol) who would it be?
  6. Ryan may have the biggest man crush ever for Delgado....its getting weird..... :o
  7. While I do think what Cael did was pretty cool I would have expected nothing less from him. Although Iike many other posters I do believe based on what I have heard that most head coaches would have stayed behind with Nico. What is lost in this whole discussion is Nico's ability to wrestle with badly bruised ribs which based on reports happened during the Clark match(his next to last match) and come back with 2 huge wins for the Team. And from reports Nico never even told the coaches or anyone about the injury....but again seeing Nico wrestle for the last 3 years I am not surprised by this. A clever post was made on the penn state boards describing the injury "Nico's heart was too big for his rib cage". I read that and got chills....talk about mental toughness and sacrifice!!
  8. NoVa...I have to be misinterpreting what he posted. Jason......seriously??
  9. And can you please quote me on anything I have said about cutting weight? Can you quote me on what these so called perversions of the sport are? I never said one thing about cutting weight except to call out a poster who said about the ridiculous 1 pound thing. The only thing I regretted was mentioning Rob Koll's interview. I should have just started a thread about the blessings so many of us have had with our children and how this sport was pretty instrumental in allowing us bonding time with them. For us, my wife included, it was so cool to make a mini vacation out of it ( even if it wasn't in the greatest place next to an ocean lol). And the whole point was how so many of these wrestlers were at a young age and were national finalists last year in college. I am very good friends with the parents today. My intent is that kids can start at an early age and not burn out and grow up to be all americans and NATIONAL FINALISTS and I believe combining mini trips where you have one on one time with your child was an important part in making it fun. I'm not going to make any further arguments, it is possible to go back in the archives of tulsa nationals, reno, and TOC ...type in the names of last years NCAA finalists and see the OVERWHELMING amount that competed in these youth events. If that's what you consider psycho and unhealthy than we parents are psycho and unhealthy..oh well Unless someone wants to actually do some constructive research I say we end this thread...because its becoming psychotic and unhealthy to everyone reading these misunderstood threads!!
  10. Thank God ESPN didn't televise the National Duals this year...how embarrassing to see the 100 fans in the bleachers....yeah real great for the television viewing audience to see the lack of fans there
  11. Thank God ESPN didn't televise the National Duals this year...how embarrassing to see the 100 fans in the bleachers....yeah real great for the television viewing audience to see the lack of fans there
  12. the joke was about the fact that kids weight fluctuate by a pound if they take a good pee...yes I am confident about that. BrGuy....are you really sad? Kinda on the soft side you are
  13. I have been going to the NCAA's for over 20 years. The excitement of the top 3 teams competing for first is obvious...The excitement of the individual matchups is obvious...But there is one more thing that is obvious that I really haven't heard discussed . There are other teams in the NCAA championship that fans cheer for!!! The amount of anticipation , discussion, jagging their buddies from other schools, cheering , to the schools who have NO CHANCE of winning but do have a chance to finish in the top 10 is being completely ignored here. The fans who want their school to finish ahead of their "hated" rival is being ignored. To the fans it's almost like winning the team title . They get to argue all year by who is better. Everytime the team scores are announced you don't just hear excitement from the team that is in first , you here the other fans cheering by hearing their names mentioned over their "hated" rival school. When you hear the arguments or jagging it's comical...My buddies from Lehigh and Pitt are hilarious. Pitt beats Lehigh in a regular season dual for example but Lehigh is in 7th place and Pitt is in 11th place during the semis for example and the fun starts. To them it is just as exciting as the fans trying to win 1st place. And this is happening with so many other teams in the arena ....they have the same rivalry....The argument of who is better goes like this "you guys beat us in a dual but we beat you in the biggest Real NCAA team championships ....when it mattered. It's fun for the teams who have no chance of winning. Lastly....Can you imagine if ESPN markets the National Duals ....only to realize that wrestling fans(including PSU, Iowa, okie state, Minnesota, Cornell) do not travel any kind of long distance to watch duals. Fans have to make plans in advance and with the uncertainty of dual meet outcomes are not willing to book a flight and hotel in advance. Dual meets are PHENOMENAL when they are before crowd's loud cheers. That is why duals are critical for the season .....but when it comes to long distance traveling they simply WILL NOT go as evidenced by the 2 National Dual finalists this year. I would like to be in the meeting and look at the faces of ESPN when a coach says an empty arena is fine...people will watch on TV....OMG
  14. 1 ) the NCAA's are exciting from an individual perspective and from a team perspective(not just for th top 3 teams but so much talk at the NCAAs trying to squeak into the top 10 or just being a hated rival team) 2) Fans do not travel in long distances to watch a dual meet 3) Home dual meets are exciting...2 good teams wrestling , the loud cheering ,the booing( lol, in some cases) 4)ESPN is constantly showing the team scores on TV at the NCAAs 5)Youth programs has increased at an incredibly over the last 20 years 6)Don't know how much more can be done to make NCAAs even better but Coaches should be focusing on that 7) The national duals were embarrassing not only this year but over the last 20 years ( unless in iowa) 8) Cornell and Minny fans did not travel to watch their own teams in the National dual finals...embarrassing to their coaches..although not surprising because okie state , PSU, and Iowa won' t travel to watch the duals if they were in them either unless it was short driving distance. 9) Btw all the other teams out of the top 5 will not travel either lololo 10)To touch on # 6 again ....if this whole thing is about TV viewership ESPN marketers might wanna be in the meeting with coaches 11) lastly a vocal coach made a comment that it didnt matter that there are not alot of fans attending the National Duals. Imagine the look on the marketing team's faces at ESPN when that comment is made in this meeting :roll:
  15. NJ The extra word "come" was a mistake in case that through you for a loop
  16. NJWC ....hopefully you're not an attorney because you do absolutely no research, you make things up, you're quite the babbler and you have zero composure... I really wish you would just come clean and admit you do have an affiliation with these tournaments ( I hope you do cause at least some of your babbling would make sense to me) and Pleeeeeease just say for everyone's sake that your child has lost a pound for a match or two. No one will think you're a mean dad by having your son LOSE a WHOLE pound ....but until u do everyone will think you're full of crap. You can have the last come say...I'm done making you look silly
  17. NJ..What's amusing about this is that your extreme anger came out when I brought up Tulsa Nationals. I honestly am now wondering if you somehow are one of the promoters of War of the Shore or Wildwood duals. And when I listed the names of wrestlers( who most of them competed in Tulsa's)..(its easy to google btw) You accuse these dads of being Psycho and cutting tons of weight. Look at the National Finalists and all americans and see how many of them went to Tulsa Nationals vs War at the shore....Please google this..And the only thing I ever mentioned about weight was because of your attack on the parents that took their kids to Tulsa were Psycho and cut tons of weight..What on earth makes you believe that kids cut weight to go to Tulsa .....if you were never even there?? And my challenge back to you is this ...." i think anyone that drove or flew all the way to war at the shore sucked weight and had psycho dads...That's how stupid you sound!!! And if there is a wrestler by the time they were in junior high who didn't have to lose A FREAKING POUND to ever wrestle in a dual meet to make the lineup stronger or in a tournament somewhere over the course of their wrestling days I CALL B.S. And by the way ,Yes , a 60 pounder cutting a pound is far different than a junior high wrestler cutting a pound. You did say 1 pound????? not 3, 4,or 5 pounds. Lastly, you need serious anger management classes...cause your posts are just full of it...go get help!
  18. NJWC.. when in any of my posts did I discuss kids cutting weight other than your ridiculous lie that your son has not lost 1 pound EVER to make a weight class..You're grasping for straws... SAT SCORES??
  19. NitLion 60...That's precisely how every Megaludis / Delgado match goes....but I wouldn't waste your time with Ryan the poster...he is the biggest lion hater(well top 3) I have ever seen. Did u read his post that got banned a month ago or so ? I could just see him in the stands (although he probably doesn't attend matches based on his comments)..his face all red...frustrated cause things aren't going His way ....then out of frustration he runs to the message boards and screams bloody lies...what a character he is :roll:
  20. why don't YOU put your name out there if he doesn't!!
  21. Husky....Thanks for actually reading my posts...it seems like some posters read a sentence and draw some crazy conclusions. You are correct in that almost none of the wrestlers I am talking about participated in only 1 sport. Like seriously what parent tells their young child "you are only allowed to do 1 sport". But invariably a poster will come on here and say " I knew a parent who abused their child , tortured him, wrestled 7 days a week, 3 hours a day "blah blah blah. Of course more 6 year olds quit a sport( whatever sport) then continue all the way to college. It seems like every child in america tries T Ball, or soccer, and yet how many continue all the way through high school and college??? Probably the same percentage who tried wrestling for goodness sakes. Why don't we say these kids "burned out". The much more relevant statistic is this ...What percentage of high school and college wrestlers studs started after the age of 8 or 10......very few is the answer. Wrestling is a "feel thing" more than any other sport. A brand new 10 year old simply cannot compete with a kid (who has made it through) who has a couple hundred matches under his belt. I spend way more time counseling the the 10 year old newbies and their parents to just hang in there....sadly most of them don't...Did they burn out from overtraining NO NO NO!!!! They quit because they couldn't take losing constantly... So forget all of these "politically correct posters" who are simply ignorant of the reality of what Im saying. You can't change things in this "new era" of youth sports..So those who disagree ,either prove me wrong(which you simply can't) or be SMART and use creative, fun, exciting ways to get your child to develop a passion for the sport. It is so worth it....because you can tell how this great sport of wrestling teaches character, discipline...and the one thing I noticed more than anything is the amount of high school and college wrestlers who have the uncanny ability to be able to communicate with adults far above their peers.
  22. He's never ever ,ever ,ever cut a pound ??? Ever?? Okie dokie...good for him !
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