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  1. Interesting. If Smith had to wrestle in today's Olympic weights, he would have to either be a 57 kg or 65 kg. Would he have two Olympic golds if he had to suck down to wrestle Belaglazov or go against a sucked down Fadzaev?
  2. ....and apparently all his wrestlers showed up on time for weigh in
  3. Mr. Smooth will take out the 3rd year freshman.
  4. It took Wisconsin one day to ban this moron from all future sporting events.
  5. It was almost like I was watching a true freshman giving all he had and handing over easy points against someone who has been in the Iowa room going on 6 years who basically won by a mere 3 points.
  6. I believe Chance won one time in folk by a point. Not sure how many times Chance has been stuck , but Wick has done it 3 times.
  7. Desanto is a different wrestler away from Carver. Without a doubt, he would have two more stalling points at Carver Hawkeye and the refs would have determined the outcome.
  8. Regardless of degree, I would love to see his face pounded.
  9. Hope were not gauging Iowa strength based on trouncing a team they consistently have beat by 30.
  10. Except for NCAA 2018 when Wick got two takedowns and cradled him twice for a 16-3 dominating clobbering of the Bull. Last year, Brands running out, putting finger in face and screaming at the ref who called Marinelli for stalling twice "YOU SUCK" pretty much set the stage for refs hesitation on calling stalling on Marinelli.
  11. I get it about the ncaa/freestyle thing. Bothers me a bit too,. Side note: I was watching a press conference Bono was giving the other day and a reporter asked him what the difference in styles were. Rather than getting into explaining the details, he pretty much told they were the same.
  12. He ran 3 national champs in a row. Might be worth a little hype. Kudos to following thru with his plan, now does not have to worry about it until after NCAAs.
  13. For the first time, i thot ringer looked undersized. First time ive seen him use that rear standing suplex...nice!
  14. Gross had more grit today, especially as time went on. Not afraid at all to give up his legs...
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