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  1. tbert


    Not sure if the top 4 seeds @165 are that important, other than wick probably doesnt want to be #4. One of these days Massa is going to show up again.
  2. tbert

    Whizzer-Origin of name?

    Beat me to it...lol
  3. tbert


    Stoll and agression should never be confused.
  4. tbert

    Bey with a right hook

    Stringbean Russian didnt look too intimidated.
  5. Considering that cenzo didnt wrestle the prior meet is partly what I based it off. Cael said he was sick, Brands said Lee's absent was "part of the plan"... Doesnt matter where Lee,Wick, Cenzo or Marinelli are seated. Iowa is not going to win big ten regardless of where their guys are seated.
  6. Probably, but I thought the same last year at ncaas with marenelli and marstellar, where he tied them both up in knots.
  7. I fail to see any reason Penn St would feel the need to duck anyone. It would be the coaches from wanna be teams who dont have the confidence in their team members to win dominantly. I'm a fan of Wick, but no way think Joseph ducked. In fact it probably would of been to his advantage to get a feel of him before big tens/nationals. All nonsense.
  8. https://journaltimes.com/sports/high-school/judge-overrules-wiaa-halter-gets-to-wrestle/article_a2ba5501-a083-5152-9c0e-7b3039f41608.html Appears the judge didnt agree with the ref's call.
  9. The lack of enforcement at college level probably has something to do with current issue at hand.
  10. Throw them both in the clink.
  11. Irony of this all this is the judge is awaiting the outcome of his own 2 misconducts.
  12. Easy tiger, it was sarcasm with some truth to it, hence the " Seriously " right after it.
  13. Or he took the easy way out until they figure it out. Seriously, I guess the consensus from people in the know? ...that WIAA has a lack of appeal process and this provision may give them some more time...due to the 1 week time frame.
  14. It was a "temporary" restraining order to restrain WIAA from keeping him from wrestling until they "figure it out". Wisconsin has a provision that allows the participant to keep performing and then strip any outcome later.