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  1. https://kfor.com/2012/09/12/osu-wrestler-arrested-for-violent-outburst/ This Kyle Crutchmer is preaching about betrayal to a university?
  2. Not fair to Bey. Need 2 matches, one at start of event, one at end.
  3. Anybody wanting to make some serious money will be selling dreads at penn st home games
  4. Im more interested in who won the fight
  5. tbert

    Who's #1

    Everyone here seems to understand the difference
  6. They asked for an opinion on the color change at Carver Hawkeye...was met with overwhelming boos.
  7. tbert

    Who's #1

    Otoole appears considerably smaller.
  8. tbert

    Who's #1

    No..in fact melendez got to pick what style for final
  9. tbert

    Who's #1

    Poor challenge...he had santiago gassed
  10. Coach needs to sneak him in a Marlboro during break
  11. I envision this very scenario all the time. But dang it, something always seem to wake me up.
  12. I think he was a point away from teching Hasanov in the world cup right out of college.
  13. Nickal or Mymar probably cant get past Valencia. They all need to show me they can hang with the international studs. Regardless they all probably will be sitting on the same bench as two world champions that werent good enough to make olympic team.
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