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  1. I believe Chance won one time in folk by a point. Not sure how many times Chance has been stuck , but Wick has done it 3 times.
  2. Desanto is a different wrestler away from Carver. Without a doubt, he would have two more stalling points at Carver Hawkeye and the refs would have determined the outcome.
  3. Regardless of degree, I would love to see his face pounded.
  4. Hope were not gauging Iowa strength based on trouncing a team they consistently have beat by 30.
  5. Except for NCAA 2018 when Wick got two takedowns and cradled him twice for a 16-3 dominating clobbering of the Bull. Last year, Brands running out, putting finger in face and screaming at the ref who called Marinelli for stalling twice "YOU SUCK" pretty much set the stage for refs hesitation on calling stalling on Marinelli.
  6. I get it about the ncaa/freestyle thing. Bothers me a bit too,. Side note: I was watching a press conference Bono was giving the other day and a reporter asked him what the difference in styles were. Rather than getting into explaining the details, he pretty much told they were the same.
  7. He ran 3 national champs in a row. Might be worth a little hype. Kudos to following thru with his plan, now does not have to worry about it until after NCAAs.
  8. For the first time, i thot ringer looked undersized. First time ive seen him use that rear standing suplex...nice!
  9. Gross had more grit today, especially as time went on. Not afraid at all to give up his legs...
  10. Yay npope we agree on last part. Dont agree with all jordan and graham, but i find very little common ground with other side.. Btw i did congrat you on your attempt for a non bias debate. It comes down once again was ABUSE reported to Jordan. I believe him.
  11. I dont think bragging withholding money until they fire a prosecuter investigating a son is wrong either...hypocrite
  12. I guess you are defending an arguement that they created pervs? I dont look at liberals as a.party, just a largely irrational way of thinking (my opinion)
  13. I can absolutely agree with that we arr using same video to support our stance. Disabato clearly says it was brought up as Locker room banter . Jordan says locker room talk is different than someone reporting abuse. I also agree with that. Npope choses to ignore that statement and picks a clip that supports his slant. So yes we look at the same issue in different ways. My point with this is he said Jordan denies knowing "ANYTHING" which is clearly false by the using same video that he uses to condemn him. What is the truth? Back to square one. Largely depends on your political slant. Im a fiscal con, social mod.
  14. I frame it as conservative vs liberal because that is exactly what it elevated to shortly after being publicly announced. 100% Political.
  15. It could be wordsmithing, or believe it or not, it could be the truth.
  16. Sure do. Very practical, safe, reliable, effective, ammo is cheap to practice with. ...keep in mind you have to follow the same state capacity regulations as everyone else. Necessary? No not necessary for hunting,but you could say that about any of deer rounds, but uses the same ammo as a couple others i have. Maybe bit of a novelty, conversation piece...but also realize thats up for political debate. Certainly there are other choices in which I also use that are less scary to people. Very popular though among predator control guys. Really not any different than some of the most popular ones used for generations.
  17. NPope, you are a little loose with at least one of your facts..."ANYTHING". He is in fact on record as hearing locker room talk, but that is different or something along those line. I do appreciate the effort of a civil discussion from your far left perpective.
  18. I would mention the ones but probably get booted off here. Recently, pretty much collecting and using a few of ones they dont want us to have in different calibers.
  19. I will patiently await the ABC story on this. Havent heard much from them , so a Clinton may be involved.
  20. Quit bothering me, im attempting to murder an innocent deer with my AR 15, before one of your mentors attempts to deprive me.
  21. Guess if offended you, it pertains to you
  22. He still has a stash... It seens dmm has droppes off his medication again.
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