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  1. On 11/25/2019 at 1:25 PM, TBar1977 said:

    Those matches with Wick have been close. Wick may not beat him, but he can beat him imo. 

    Except for NCAA 2018 when Wick got two takedowns and cradled him twice for a 16-3 dominating clobbering of the Bull. 

    Last year, Brands running out, putting finger in face and screaming at the ref who called Marinelli for stalling twice  "YOU SUCK"  pretty much set the stage for refs hesitation on calling stalling on Marinelli. 

  2. 35 minutes ago, spladle08 said:

    In the least dismissive way... NCAA National Champ* Doesn't mean a ton in seniors, in a different style of wrestling. (It just bothers me, I always see it in the facebook groups... this guy I don't know just beat an NCAA CHAMP what an upset....  I'm always like yeah he is good at Freestyle and your CHamp isnt.... you just don't know it because you dont follow free) anyway
    A little hype for sure, with the way he dismantled Cruz and Nato. 
    I don't think he is a clear underdog to any of the top guys, but I would like to see him wrestle a top guy. 
    Your last statement has me the most curious. I hope he does wrestle a lot more freestyle between now and then but know he doesn't "Have to". 

    I get it about the ncaa/freestyle thing. Bothers me a bit too,.

    Side note: I was watching a press conference Bono was giving the other day and a reporter asked him what the difference in styles were.  Rather than getting into explaining the details, he pretty much told they were the same.

  3. 4 hours ago, Jimmy Cinnabon said:

    The only recent wrestler who has never lost to a Penn Stater....undefeated versus Molinaro and David Taylor.

    Snyder and Cox both lost to McIntosh

    Stieber lost to Retherford

    IMar lost to Joseph and Nolf

    Valencia lost to Hall

    Gilman lost to Nico

    Yianni lost to Retherford (in FS)


    Did Bubba Jenkins ever lose to a Penn Stater (although not really a fair comparison since he was a Penn Stater for most of his career)?


    Ringer lost to Vollrath

  4. 22 minutes ago, klehner said:

    Your bleating of "liberal bias" is a disgraceful ad hominem attack to deflect from the facts.

    I'm guessing you don't think that "asking" for a favor but not getting it is just like not actually asking for the favor, too.

    I dont think bragging withholding money until they fire a prosecuter investigating a son is wrong either...hypocrite

  5. 9 hours ago, 1032004 said:

    What’s the truth though?  That statement isn’t really saying anything.  

    For the record, I agree that that’s as close as he’s come to admitting knowledge of anything, but I’m sure he’d argue that he didn’t admit to anything there.   Literally you and npope are using the same statement and claiming it proves both of your arguments.

    I can absolutely agree with that we arr using same video to support our stance.  Disabato clearly says it was brought up as Locker room banter .   Jordan says locker room talk  is different than someone reporting abuse.  I also agree with that.  Npope choses to ignore that statement and picks a clip that supports his slant.

    So yes we look at the same issue in different ways.  My point with this is he said Jordan denies knowing "ANYTHING" which is clearly false by the  using same video that he uses to condemn him. 

    What is the truth?   Back to square one.   Largely depends on your political slant.

    Im a fiscal con, social mod. 


  6. 46 minutes ago, npope said:

    Sorry Tbert - not loose at all. Please see this video clip with his actual statement - it comes right at the outset.


    That's been out there for five months now. Per my original comment on the matter, why do you have to frame the conversation as a conservative vs. liberal perspective? Can't I simply be presenting the facts? While you claim that others like me, have the bias, I think you need to look a little closer to home for that.

    I frame it as conservative vs liberal because that is exactly what it elevated to shortly after being publicly announced. 100% Political.   




  7. 21 minutes ago, uncle bernard said:

    Do you actually hunt with an AR 15? That doesn't seem necessary or practical lol. 

    Sure do. Very practical, safe, reliable, effective, ammo is cheap to practice with. ...keep in mind you have to follow the same state capacity regulations as everyone else.  Necessary?  No not necessary for hunting,but  you could say that about any of deer rounds, but uses the same  ammo as a couple others i have.

    Maybe bit of a novelty, conversation piece...but also realize thats up for political debate.  Certainly there are other choices in which I also use that are less scary to people.  Very popular though among predator control guys.

    Really not any different than some of the most popular ones used for generations.  

  8. 20 minutes ago, npope said:

    If this discussion could get rid of the extreme ideologists on either side then maybe there could be a civil and clear discussion on the matter. I know some people zero in on Jordan's (and others') behavior at that time - arguing they should have done more (or at least something). Personally, I can forgive those (like Hellickson and Jordan) for their lack of significant action at the time - it was after all, a different time with different expectations. Fast forward to the current day, Jordan goes into complete denial as to whether he ever heard ANYTHING about the training room events - while some extreme right wing posters on here try to fashion a defense for those denials, that is simply wrong; lies are being spewed. I agree with Denger (and others above) that if Jordan simply would have owned it to begin with and acknowledged that he made a mistake at that time and that his bosses similarly missed the boat on the problem then this would have been last year's news already. Yes, some deep red poster will now jump up and say that the liberals would not have left Jordan alone on the point, and who really knows - but it would seem pretty small potatoes compared to all of the other garbage being spewn about - some many better stories to go after if you want to make somebody look bad politically. I am sure that behind closed doors Jordan is telling his inner circle "Geeezzz, I should have just owned up to it at the start and this would all have been long gone by now."

    And this is coming from a former UW wrestler - Hellickson was my coach; the Jordans came through a few years later, but they left a great footprint on the Wisconsin scene. I still love them for what they did here as wrestlers. But geeeez, quit trying to make excuses for Jim's political miscalculation on this issue. 

    NPope, you are a little loose with at least one of your facts..."ANYTHING".  He is in fact on record as hearing  locker room talk, but that is different or something along those line.

    I do appreciate the effort of a civil discussion from your far left perpective.


  9. 2 hours ago, russelscout said:

    So you do the exact same thing. I actually really used to enjoy hunting. No longer do because other hobbies took priority. What else ya got? 

    I would mention the ones but probably get booted off here. Recently, pretty much collecting and using  a few of ones they dont want us to have in different calibers.  

  10. 5 minutes ago, russelscout said:

    So you cant even answer the question? You actually just posted a couple generalizations about things you relate with the left in hopes that it would possibly make someone mad? Thats pretty

    Quit bothering me, im attempting to murder an innocent deer with my AR 15, before one of your mentors attempts to deprive me.

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