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  1. Another unnamed whistleblowed...lol. Did you tell your mom that your xanax script ran out early again? Go back to school and add to your collection of worthless degrees.
  2. He would have to dig his second place trophy out of the trash so they could film him tossing it back in.
  3. Only watch Flo for the video, dont really get involved in the marketing/ hype driven FRL commentary. Willie kept a even keel and was solid on calling matches and actually got the names of the scoring wrestlers correct which cannot be said about the rest, especially bader.
  4. He asked for $9.50 / hr and they told him to hit the road.
  5. Their normal darling yanni is redshirting.. and since bono seems to have flo coverage at will...only makes sense to have gross overkill this year.
  6. I dont care if they do or dont. If they did I would have a better chance of watching it than with their band of dipsticks commenting on it. ...... and in turn have a better chance of refinancing my properties with their lone sponsor.
  7. I just dont think Bo stating that Flo profits is a big deal, they have taken over a grand from me over the years. It was stating the obvious with a little self promotion, love it. Now lets see if Flo takes him up on the offer.
  8. Why are you getting into broadcast rights, btn, ncaa....when he merely says something like : let me do commentary on my moves so I can profit from it too! Rather have him or any other wrestler comment on their own move than a handfull of ignorant Flo guys guessing on what he was thinking
  9. 79 was extremely weak class. Top 3 at 74 would of walked thru 79. Lets not forget the reason Dake started wrestling at 79.
  10. I heard Michael Moore would wrestle anyone for their halloween candy. Probably should be on the list too.
  11. https://kfor.com/2012/09/12/osu-wrestler-arrested-for-violent-outburst/ This Kyle Crutchmer is preaching about betrayal to a university?
  12. Not fair to Bey. Need 2 matches, one at start of event, one at end.
  13. Anybody wanting to make some serious money will be selling dreads at penn st home games
  14. Im more interested in who won the fight
  15. tbert

    Who's #1

    Everyone here seems to understand the difference
  16. They asked for an opinion on the color change at Carver Hawkeye...was met with overwhelming boos.
  17. tbert

    Who's #1

    Otoole appears considerably smaller.
  18. tbert

    Who's #1

    No..in fact melendez got to pick what style for final
  19. tbert

    Who's #1

    Poor challenge...he had santiago gassed
  20. Coach needs to sneak him in a Marlboro during break
  21. I envision this very scenario all the time. But dang it, something always seem to wake me up.
  22. I think he was a point away from teching Hasanov in the world cup right out of college.
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