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  1. Nickal or Mymar probably cant get past Valencia. They all need to show me they can hang with the international studs. Regardless they all probably will be sitting on the same bench as two world champions that werent good enough to make olympic team.
  2. If there is an expert on weak posts it is you. Therefore I accept your critic.
  3. Dieringer is in a second tier RTC and would be better served moving on to a different RTC that can offer different partners and strategies. He would of breezed through the 79 kg worlds this year as would Burroughs. Dake has his style figured out. His only 4 point moves consists firemans or dump. Has no counter lifts or throws off shots and Dake knows it.
  4. He is deserving of some type of national hero recognition.
  5. Manning should take his share of ownership in the loss. He told Burroughs to shut it down. Burroughs is not good at playing the dake passivity game.
  6. ......and they give us fake team scores. I enjoy the same rocket mortgage ads much better
  7. .....and Bowlers compete well into their 80's
  8. Yes. Includes 99 point from women.
  9. #18..lol. Iran beats US by 49 points. Freestyle Iran ahead by 11. US can not catch up.
  10. USA is barely top 5 team, mostly riding on the success (95+ points) of the women which Iran has none.
  11. @ 0-0, Yanni already has done better in the loss column. Of course the answer will only be known IF he makes a world team someday.
  12. We did reach the quarterfinals in soccer world cup one year.
  13. Many can not distinguish between sarcastic humor and outright personal attacks. Also many get butt hurt over unintentional slams at certain ethnic groups such as the OPs screen name.
  14. And you fantasize about dake more than any other wrestler.
  15. I wish i had all this info becore i made my predictions.
  16. My mistake, i thought the post was about this year.
  17. Should easily win the tournament. Passivity points may be given up depending how officials interpet his style.
  18. Koll was told to.keep his mouth shut before he cost the university more money and embarassment.
  19. Yes, I do . Do you not think they drill this in practice room?
  20. 57-Takahashi 61-ehsanpoor 65-alyiev 70-batirov 74-chamizo 79-dake 86-yaz 92-cox 97-sad Hvy-krizriev
  21. Doesnt sound ridiculous to me. Dake has probably influenced Yanni on this more than anyone. If you feel you are going over and you are in a 50/50 type position, you should try to "fool" the officials into at least a 2&2. It appears the only ones he "fooled" were posters on here and maybe a couple naive announcers.
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