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  1. They were successful in creating banter in their good cop/bad cop schtick. They were just paying back the Cornell team for their all access loyalty. I seriously doubt either one is dumb enough to believe Yanni initiated that exposure.
  2. Yanni not haunted, only brainwashed. Nice that Zain put Koll on "mute" for a while.
  3. The cornell biased ref tried to give him the match on the phantom takedown,. They will need at least one more in their corner for the calls to go his way again.
  4. I'm sure cornell has some therapists to help him through it.
  5. Any one know what time Yanni is supposed to show up?
  6. That was as dominating as a 2-1 match could be.
  7. Yanni had very little for Zain, almost nothing.
  8. Yep got my 1.5 of Korbel left over from blizzard that passed us by last winter.
  9. A college wrestler who will not be named
  10. Yes, bring in the best which must include rour own LJB. Although greco is his expertise he says he is very knowledgeable on freestyle too. Also has no bias.
  11. You did fall for it, case closed, its personal, another one jealous of PSU dominance. Keep watching greco, you may be able to keep up with all the excitement.
  12. He apparently hates successful programs. Why would I reference a ruling when I have clueless posters explaining it to me ?
  13. Why would I want to do that? Dont really understand law, lawyers, arbitrators judges, politicians and even ignorant posters..... and dont really dont care to. Got to hand it to Koll though, you dont need the better wrestler if you have a greasier lawyer.
  14. Rich Bender said they were looking out east near both of them, if he knows what he is talking about.
  15. And is a real good reason for Taylor not to disclose his injury too soon. Speculation of course but say Ringer moved up and placed at worlds, could have an advantage. Probably a moot point if Cox goes down.
  16. Oh I get it, we dont count the past 7 years. Ok, in Budapest he was the best.
  17. If they were "the best at that" he wouldn't be at 79 kg. Let's not forget why Dake is at 79 kg.
  18. given the fact that Ringer has never been pinned, in high school, college, or internationally, Im quite sure you have no idea what you are talking about. If you said a tech fall you would still be wrong but closer to sanity.
  19. Didnt really agree with alot with your assessment of the USAW officials, after watching the Dake/Dieringer it appears there may be some merit to this. Not certain on which rules they care to enforce extremely poor, borderline bias.
  20. at least Koll has not disapointed me in the content of his character.... did refrain from calling anyone drunks though
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