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    You deserve what you earn
  2. Awesome talent..carries a great message on and off the mat. Thanks for posting.
  3. I smell parental interference
  4. Just an FYI...Dennis hall and Terry brands are good buds.
  5. http://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/PortalPlayer.jsp?TIM=1499793546462&twSessionId=jydwmqyiikdbzsf&videoId=582169009
  6. I think it was just not an overall good fit at OK State at that time. Can't say anyone is to "blame". Sounds like he never really had to cut in high school until State tourney. To me, until recently, he always looked to have a little baby fat on him.
  7. I believe most, if not all,Penn St fans were underground, ridden with guilt for having supposedly the best high school wrestling,but could not field a team of any substance. Now that someone from the great wrestling state of Utah took over many fans have slithered out of their holes and don't know how to act.
  8. Not gilmans fault. 2nd time waters threw the legs in should of been stalling. Way to take matters in your own hands gilman. Now go do that in france and score big time points for USA!
  9. I just hope he gets enough matches to learn something from the trip.
  10. He's not getting any smarter taking hits like that. Looks like he has a glass jaw.
  11. wrong sport...he could of called "stalling" but there isnt such a term in freestyle.
  12. That's pretty much what Dake supporters do. Get used to it..gets worse than that.
  13. The apple didn't fall far from the tree
  14. Whiny excuses deserve smug remarks...I see very little of a gap closure.. Seems to me he has no second period. He was 30 seconds away from going to the world's in match #2 and he choked.
  15. It would be interesting to see a comparison on how these 1st team winners did in college to the 2nd and 3rd teams
  16. what are you talking about he went to Paris this year and wrestled three Americans...lol
  17. Dake or his followers do not lack confidence as they still think he can beat Burroughs. Burroughs holds the same confidence against Dake. 10 more seconds and Dake would not of won the first match. Burroughs blew Dake out of the water on their first meeting just like Dake did Dieringer. Been a little different since.. You may be correct, if he is in fact sandbagging and letting off the gas he is playing with fire. Dake has not been close to getting into Dieringer for a takedown in the last two matches. Dieringer gave him a gift that last match. But.....If ...Dieringer finishes that deep double Dake goes home early. I am thinking Dake was just being cautious more than coasting. Just my very forward looking, hopeful, biased opinion ...as it would not bother me at all if Dake never wins another match against anyone...including internationally. Very talented, very arrogant and obnoxious. been wrong before... maybe there is a larger gap than I see
  18. Yep..(the conserving energy alibi) .and when he did open Alex hit the double..Dake was extremely fortunate.
  19. Alex didnt do himself any good basically giving dake uncontested two from beginning.
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