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  1. Doesn't offend me at all that you call the system a cheat.. the system is a cheat. There I said it. Dake had the same chance as Burroughs at the open and blew it. What does bother me is you thinking Dake should deserve to get preferential treatment over someone like Gilman or anyone else, just because he has to wrestle Burroughs. As far as pissing off powers inside wrestling, he is viewed as a entitled whiner by many outside his "fan club" (including me)..I wouldn't doubt some of the the powers inside also view him the same. I have never heard Burroughs call him or any opponents an "idiot". Every time he whines to a ref, he might as well be calling them an idiot. He will get respect when he earns it. While Dake is an accomplished domestic wrestler, he is an international nobody.
  2. You are correct on the excuse and denial. You are employing both. Dake choosing to enter the tournament accepted these rules as did every wrestler who entered. No one said "it is "fair". It is to reward the prior year "world" place winner and in the absence of a world placewinner, make the US Open a worthwhile tournament. By not entering the open or by losing the open, wrestlers have put themselves at a disadvantage. Some have overcome it (Gilman) some have not (Dake) Nobody got jobbed at open or wtt. The system worked as planned. Never heard much of this before the tourney as I saw many of these Dake cult followers predicting he would win. He did not live up to his or their expectations.
  3. So do we have to read this nonsense for another year? It's about time to start working on next year's excuses . Dake was beat on the mat under rules he chose to participate under.
  4. Lol...kind of embellishes slightly the facts.
  5. What other human on the planet can say he beat Zain Retherford - 6 times?
  6. I feel bad for Kyle..just can't quite figure out how to beat someone who is a better wrestler than him.. Please donate. http://www.kyledake.com/blog-c5nc
  7. I feel for big red, he can be seen on a different camera pointing at Mam---vili saying "you got your boy"
  8. The whole idea of it is it is not supposed to be "fair". It was adopted to reward the prior year world placewinner an "advantage"and also to make the US OPEN a tournament with some importance. First we hear he "coasted" thru Imar and Ringer and saved all this energy Then when that didnt fit the outcome, then Burroughs is dirty wrestler, its the USAW fault for same day finals. then because Burroughs said he knows when he gets a call [of course he is never on the receiving end of a bad call] just give the champion a bye not a freebie to finals..... on and on........ all just excuses... If the champ gets a bye and then an opponent injury next round .... then we would hear more same lame excuses 10 more seconds in the first match and he would of lost that one too I dont think he can go hard for 6 minutes freestyle match..maybe he wasnt coasting... maybe recovering from first period If he doesnt like the way our rules are, I wish he do like others and go to another country and compete for them.. I wasnt going to root for him anyways. Take his whiny ass coach with him..who never seemed to have a problem with officials when Realbuto got a "gift"
  9. they are so misunderstood
  10. It must be terrible to go through life looking for something to be offended by.All the hidden racism economical dispair..suck it up dude. Your name calling without supporting facts doesn't make you any more revalent than him. One might say you may have some issues by making a racist judgement on him based on a bad choice of words and the color of his skin. Words alone do not define racism, maybe stupidity.
  11. To label someone a "racist" based solely on a word is just as bad if not worse as it waters down what an actual racist is. You may label him a ignorant or an idiot which you may be correct, but there is nothing in his statement that would suggest him believing his race is superior or another race or ethnicity is inferior. Offensive word to use..yes..that's it.
  12. One thing for sure, you better validate anything Bader says by video review. He gets the names mixed up about 1/2 the time.. especially when excited.
  13. I watched it for the first time and tried to do it objectively as I really don't care much about this match. I believe Cox could of been awarded another step out point in the first​ when Taylor dropped to his knees on the edge when going out. While watching the second, I tried to put myself in refs shoes to determine if "I" would of put him on the clock. Every time when I thought if he backs up I will hit 'em. Nearly every Taylor shot was answered with a legit reshot. Cox held center also at times after the injury. If the ref would of called it once , It wouldn't of surprised me though. I think David Taylor went into kind of all out panic that cost him some step out points. His diving plane crash on the edge is evidence of this. Hind sight says he should of slowed down and set up a few meaningful shots, as he can take down anyone.. I do believe the last minute was not officiated as the first minute was.
  14. I thought all you PSU boys stuck together! A few failures and internal rioting breaks out.
  15. Absolutely, if you are a light weight..you've got to consider this room.
  16. don't see that happening this time
  17. Nice recovery...I figured the Lord was misquoted and posted a retraction.
  18. Can't you quote a little scripture there wrestling God?
  19. Nolf resembles a fish out of water in freestyle
  20. No he is not a leprechaun. All Italians from new jersey are 3-4 ft tall
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