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  1. I think Martin was ranked as high as 12 last yr ncaa
  2. Anytime we can backdoor a current or former PSU guy into the finals without wrestling has to be a good thing
  3. Another hypocrite..tells him to grow a sack, then says he should be neutered.
  4. Why do they hold nationals during Ramadan?
  5. I think Martin should send Bader and Willie over to open up FLO Russia.
  6. Probably best just to tune in to this board and get unbiased coverage from posters. You will even find out which of the better wrestlers lost and which Penn St wrestler got screwed by the three mat officials
  7. That's the spirit.. And remember they earned the right to fail
  8. I doesn't even have to be in season. I remember when deiringer lost to Hodgkin's in dapper Dan. Knocked him off first team.
  9. Lol...I thought you were now a supporter! Yes I noticed it too...really hope they do well......but...you know the rest of the story. All I am asking is that they shut down the world of Warcraft a little early the night before, so they can wake up early and get there and test it prior to start time.
  10. Why did you aknowlege it then? Are you in denial? What part of my comment was despicable? That he got his ass kicked by fellow OkSt guys or is getting naked and fighting cops better than wrestling freestyle or folk? Both of the above situations Chance has freely admitted to or pled guilty to. I never said anything bad about him, his family or the community. Another poster said I probably wished he went into relapse..couldnt be farther from truth. The only things despicable were his actions which I am happy he has moved on I'm really happy he has a 4.0, but my original opinion has not changed( only my statement that he had only one year) I believe he should concentrate on freestyle, that seems to be his strength. You guys are looking way to far into my comments instead of taking them at face value.
  11. Well I sure hope not.. I think he seems to have a knack at freestyle, he was getting his ass kicked by a lot less acclaimed in OkSt room. Either one has got to beat getting naked and fighting cops.
  12. Naw ...just about another Penn St fan disrespecting another teams wrestler who lost in a tournament that Penn State chose not to send any wrestlers to participate in. Nothing really out of the ordinary.
  13. If being wrong is a criteria that eliminates posters, you wouldn't have been around very long.
  14. Just trying to find solutions to your problems.
  15. Since he has only one year left...he should not waste his time in folk.
  16. If your team is not putting it's best wrestlers on varsity ,Sounds like a coaching issue then, maybe get a petition going from all the long time fans to get a new coach.
  17. He should go to PSU...they would finally have an answer for heil
  18. And after all....you are the "wrestling God"
  19. Well three of them are...their 4th, 4th, 3rd place finishes at the US Open must tickle the hell out of PSU fans.
  20. Well at least he showed up to wrestle...where are all the bluechippers from PSU? Can't miss church today?
  21. Just can't be beaten by any whiners from Penn State.
  22. Yeah...all the utmost respect for the w.c.tourney Taylor had. One of the best wrestling performance that I've seen. But this Iranian is a different cat. The way he dismantled Dieringer last spring when at 74 and the way he was controlling D Taylor early on is enough to reason for me to favor him the next match..
  23. Comes across a little strange, I can see why he is not a head coach yet..probably doesn't interview well with administration.
  24. And you wonder why we respond just like I did. It is your arrogance,(more accurately, FLO's) denial and excuses, lack of ownership and lack of respect for those supporting your dream job. Not your fault ...the speed of the leader determines the pace of the pack. By the way, maybe that review was from a disgruntled employee, but it made more sense than any excuse you or your "we earned the right to fail" boss have given for your failures.
  25. I like the review in part, where all the equipment brains are thown in two vans
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