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  1. Wont beat Pico but He would beat Lee if he wasn't undersized
  2. Can't disagree... I saw two or three times where they stopped the match in the middle of a takedown to warn the agressor for passivity. They are too involved. What's the deal with all the finger pointing anyways? I liked the finger slap ...bring it back.
  3. I guess if you sit in front of gaming sites all day, Flo and it's idiot commentary are probably sexier to some. It's relatively easy to run tournaments with result in near real time. Not run by a bunch of stoners.
  4. Track runs thousands of tournaments yearly. The can't be changing every time a new version o Madden oe call of duty comes out
  5. I'm afraid overtime would become sumo match. Wrestling is all about scoring via criteria. both parties know the criteria, much of which is subjective depending on officiating. First point(probably will be a pushing match) doesn't do any more to determine the better wrestler than having Indian leg wrestling to determine the winner.
  6. I'm happy they got all the bugs worked out. Maybe, finally, we will get what we pay for on a more consistent,sustained level. One or two meaningless events may be a start. As far as track, I would expect growing pains, hopefully they will improve faster and respond to issues quicker than Flo has.
  7. Now if they can get some commentators who can get the names and score right
  8. I think Flo owes Kyle ruschell an apology
  9. No you are biased against anyone who points out your hipocrisy.
  10. Never claimed not to be, nerd. We are all biased in some form.
  11. For some of us just don't care when a habitual crybaby like Dake doesn't get his way all the time dake has benefited from the same rules that JB may have broken. I don't feel bad at all for Dake or his whiny ass coach
  12. So Dake was saving all his energy to sit on his ass for 6 minutes... Nice try nerd
  13. Now that translation does makes a lot sense. I always wondered about that too when I used to officiate years ago. Seemed to be a lot of difference in the way we officiated compared to other countries.
  14. Good points but I thought dake wrestled both matches very similar, especially when ahead.
  15. Let's not make JB the only bad guy, at 4:17 (video time)on the Dake semi final match he snaps back dieringers head with a clear open hand blow to face. Caution plus two changes that match.
  16. I have pretty much lowered my expectations of this operation and the people running it who are nothing more than scam artists. I am satisfied with their product about 60% of the time.
  17. Believe me.. Dake has benefited from the no calls and been given points because of who he is.
  18. I like them all and would like to see non stoppage of match when putting someone on the shot clock. Seen too many times when the person was in a scoring position and they stopped it for passivity....rules are fine we just need consistentcy calling them.
  19. Five screws and a plate , over tme, just might have something to do with losing a step
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