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  1. A topic is never complete until we get this he will win next time thread. How about he will win x out of the next 10? Dake was not agressive because he did not want to open himself up to Burro's double. Next time they may make him engage and probably won't allow him to tripod the whole match.
  2. I still haven't heard many wrestlers come out against the rules.
  3. Did he really score all the points? Or was he given a point he did not deserve? A point that would of put him behind and change the stategy of the match...Poor Kyle..never catches a break
  4. Not illegal at all. That is Baron von Raschke's "the Claw"
  5. Same can be said for Dake. Dake actually benefited from the same two in a row shot clock in his earlier while he did " very little to earn them" (Dieringer)
  6. Can't wait for the replay to see what really happened
  7. Yes I know what they will say but I never have any problem with the Big Ten Network or track wrestling
  8. I would feel better if Martin got up and walked over to the camera and just gave me the middle finger
  9. That's the roulette wheel determining who gets on next
  10. I gave up on Bader ever getting the names or the score right but maybe they can get a kid to keep the camera on the action at least for the finals
  11. Well hopefully they'll keep the cameras zeroed in on the action so I can see it on replay later
  12. Martin did take full ownership for the snafu last time I would hate to see what happened if he blew it off
  13. Just make sure you give them a valid email address so they can send you more garbage
  14. Come on..it's not like it happens all the time...
  15. Problem won't be the rule, it will be the interpretation of it by officials. They are inconsistent in ruling simple stuff such as walking off mat or pushing off mat.
  16. What was your analysis? Fluke? Or Dieringer being cautious
  17. ....and every year about this time..we have folkstyle fans who think they should score Freestyle matches using folkstyle rules....
  18. If you think these rules are crazy, wait until the refs start interpreting the non-control near fall.
  19. It may not always be fair for fan used to folk rules but it makes it exciting, as opposed to riding time
  20. As a dinger fan, I hope he was just playing possum. But I'm afraid you are probably correct.
  21. He is the closest I've seen to Gable. Well deserved
  22. Either place goes he'll be riding Pine for a few years
  23. Maybe ...Enjoyment and loyalty to a program that lets him do both.
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