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  1. What's so different about next year than this year?He had just as much to risk this year by competing in the NCAA
  2. And with Lee in the mix ...He may never win a title
  3. You are doing a pretty good job yourself
  4. If a person does not have "control" why would he deserve nearfall points? Maybe change the definition of control. Or just change to freestyle. Most of the time, riding time is inaccurate anyways.
  5. Medbery has to put him down and put some weight on him. Who knows maybe he can get a cheap tilt with some pressure on the ribs. Escapes do little good against snyder. Easier said than done.
  6. At least it wasn't a tech fall. That would of been embarrassing.
  7. Thank you but I can do better than that
  8. Actually that title goes to Kyle Dake
  9. But..But.. he rode Jordan and Dieringer for 20 minutes..
  10. The same ref that screwed Richards on same call earlier in match.
  11. Believe me...Plenty officials made that call in error earlier in the year.
  12. Better than that, he pinned him 5 times during that match
  13. I want some of what you guys are drinking.
  14. Give him a break, he was stammering and stuttering his way through the suriano questions. Was very uncomfortable answering .
  15. I'm afraid you are right on the money with this.
  16. Kind of like saying winning a D1 title is not much of an accomplishment if you compare to Olympic medals
  17. Apple didn't fall far from the cart
  18. I have tried twice but have never been able to get through one whole episode
  19. Just told em to shove it and the 1100 bucks of mine they have pissed away
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