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  1. tought to shoot against someone backing up faster than you are going forward
  2. That one Because they are intimidated against slander and lawsuits
  3. Yea what he has done for years ...stall
  4. Ref was intimidated by lawsuits...
  5. A total embarrassment for the sport. Allowing dake to back up the total 2nd period.
  6. I believe that is what this whole debate part of this started...vague rulebook. Some of the sequences that played out were known by officials, one official even made a training video that was published. He scored the major sequence in question opposite of how he said to score in video. Too much left for interpretation. But its alot better than it used to be.
  7. Thanks ugarte, you dont seem like you are a "greasy" lawyer.
  8. Right, and not only does he get a do-over, he gets another practice match in .
  9. Worse yet, they are colluding with the russians.
  10. My thought is that the match was wrestled and an official outcome determined. There were plenty of errors within the match. I dont believe an arbitrator is going to reverse an official outcome but due to the confusion, lack of protocol...throwing it out would be the best decision.
  11. No, you dont get it. That would give Zain the win.
  12. At least this one was not an everyday greasy lawyer seemed to actually have some common sense.
  13. Not looking for much offense from Dake. If Dake is allowed to stay in his 3 point stance and counter wrestle, he wins.
  14. So what are they re wrestling or the last 45 seconds or outright win #2
  15. White Knight to the rescue!!!! Yep defamed the guy who defamed the official and lied about the match....once again, it's all on video.
  16. Yea Sherlock, the FBI could use another good man.
  17. Exactly, (maybe) My error, I forgot how satisfying it is to Rob Koll fans to win when ref screwed up. In this case someone tried to correct the mishap and is strung up on nearest tree.
  18. Ok "he" corrected Zach E. mistake in scoring. ( we think)
  19. they decided to "correct" the score therefore they had to change it.
  20. I could label this process alot of things, a "good thing" would not be one of them.
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