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  1. Only applies to Penn state opponents
  2. Floriani is no more than a sht salesman with a mouthful of samples.
  3. Outward expression of anger is common in this grieving process.
  4. No way in the most important match of the year is a referee to put his Integrity on the line and not call fall close but no cigar
  5. Sorry, I'm sure it wasn't on purpose.
  6. Hope you get over your loss soon
  7. Just helping you through what must of been a very traumatic experience.
  8. Most people get over it,such as ok st fans and Bo Nickal pinning himself. when it comes to Penn state fans it is how they grieve a loss. It enables them the strength to carry on and cheer the next underperformance by one of their blue chips. It is important to have your own support group in these times of sadness.
  9. tbert


    ...And he was out of challenges 10 seconds into the match?
  10. tbert


    If I recall the last time they wrestled that Burroughs put 8 on him in the first 10 seconds and won by tech fall.
  11. Spot on, Im hoping someday they get it together too, but I have been hoping for several years
  12. I'm still waiting from over two years ago...
  13. Then the two guppies said "it's not our fault, it's flowrestling"I can only imagine how superiors would respond if I blamed our company for something they provided.. Flo's new mission statement: "We earned the right to fail"
  14. Well, their track record suggests just the opposite
  15. The reason for no refund after faulty service?.. Think that over again..And the presidence they would set. They would be bankrupt in short time.
  16. Regardless I think they're just going to kick the can down the road for a while longer
  17. tbert


    I believe JB rag dolled Dake a couple times early on..I wouldn't quite give up on dinger yet.
  18. Damn...That's some coinage for a non big ten school
  19. They are using their version of satellite TV or high speed internet they will suck in the newbies and kiss their butt.. but existing customers...Bend ova.
  20. Track has had a few hiccups but nothing to this magnitude. Hope competition makes them both better. Even with my limited knowledge on streaming I understand that it is still cutting edge, but when it comes to backing up their product that is where Flo's issue lies. Only once did I have a problem with Track and they came through immedieately (non streaming issue)
  21. He held collica hostage..Next time he brings duct tape
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