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  1. I say we put side by side still photos of both Heil and Nickal with shoulders on mat and we can once and for all determine ,..................,......,..............,nothing
  2. Didn't happen at 9:27..Maybe later , but was turned away from camera. Freestyle, yes
  3. In all fairness, over the past 6-12 months they have been consistently better or maybe I just don't watch them as much due to more content available. You could not plan a worse time to fail after all the hype. I don't understand the specifics, that is their problem. Do not offer a service for a price and not deliver and then not offer a full refund. The extra month at the end of the contract is cowardly after you have used our money for the remaining of our contract period. I feel bad for the people I talked into joining..Especially the couple that signed up for a year.
  4. You forgot the part in the middle where he pins himself
  5. Well at least you are 50â„… right. Not that I don't like Penn state, just their arrogant two faces fans...Lol. One of you lies and the next one swears to it. Bo is great for the sport! So is Heil. Regardless...Bo pinned himself.
  6. Contact the FTC and FLO's advertisers if you have tried and failed to get resolution..That is if you really want some action. Get it out on social media.
  7. Right ... Bo only pinned himself twice but you said Heil was pinned 5 times.Penn St hipocrisy at its finest
  8. And don't forget Jordan sticking cenzo at end of reg.
  9. Just as I thought, more Penn St alternative facts....no pin
  10. I cant wait for the still photos to come out. Actually cant wait for the video so I can determine what really happened.
  11. That's 30 more points for Penn state!
  12. I have been a skeptic of Taylor for a while, but that performance was one of the best strings I have seen in all of wrestling Being in shape is another attribute that goes with strength, skills and mental mindset. If one is missing you may not be the superior wrestler on that day. Who cares about ifs and buts. David Taylor beat him soundly on that day without any predudice or excuse.After I saw yaz start out similar to the dinger match last year I thought it was over for taylor. Taylor was exhausted too, but I believe had the mental advantage. I NEVER thought I would be posting the above on DT. Utmost respect now! Hope it continues.
  13. Looked about the same size to me...Didn't Yaz just win another tourney at 86? About the time the yargin?
  14. To me, a punch in the mouth and a sucker punch are one and the same. To you not.. I get it. Next time some tells me they are going to punch me in the mouth, I will be aware that they won't be sucker punching me as they have already announced it. (Humor attempt again)
  15. Pyles had an article how NBC neglected coverage. Seems that this was from NBC, track is a subsidiary of sports engine a part of NBC sports. A little bad blood I'm sure.
  16. Dude .. I am SORRY! It was a light-hearted attempt to piss off everyone who stuck up for him in a prior post and it went too far. Obviously you did not see sarcasm in it. If he actually punched him or sucker punched him in the mouth he would be disqualified anyway....Right?? .. come on man..chill
  17. tbert


    The dude has more hardware in his ankle than aisle 9 at home depot.. give a little love his way. Still amazes me.
  18. Dude ...I apologized get over it. If you don't find a little humor in sarcasm, I'm sorry...Again!
  19. But having said that,it obviously went to far so my apologies at a bad joke.
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