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  1. But having said that,it obviously went to far so my apologies at a bad joke.
  2. I believe it came from Mike Tyson saying Every one has a plan until you get punched in the mouth. That first time I heard it.
  3. Lol.. served his purpose..Making you both appear like idiots. Fist fight??? Dude you need a shrink
  4. Naw just trying to get a reaction from a thing skinned Duke fan.Thanks for the free analysis. I now can see where the HWT gets his courage from, except unlike you, he may have to back his mouth up.
  5. So you get to interpret in your own words what he said that fits what you believe but no one else? Lol... At least he lost to a varsity guy this time...Or another fluke or as Jason Bryant put it "victim of circumstance"
  6. Doesn't matter, he is going to sucker punch Snyder
  7. Interesting, so there would be two 125k World Cup Champs? Petra--vili and Ghasemi both went 4 -0.
  8. My initial reaction after the Georgia match was that it was absolutely about conditioning, but that was 230 am so I am going to try to rewatch without any prejudice. I just remember thinking in the first period that this is going to be .a long tournament for DT. Guess I was wrong. Maybe a new US strategy to sandbag the first period, let the other expend all the energy pushing and attempting to turn. Then turn it on in the second
  9. With having a piss poor coach and an overpaid towel boy.
  10. To be correct, he is a world cup runner up. Not such a thing as a 86 world cup champ, unless he wrestled in 1986.
  11. Without doubt the new face of 125 Nick Nevills and the Duke HWT that can beat Snyder.
  12. It can only enhance the confidence he probably needs. Awesome job from one of his skeptics.
  13. World champ from each side goes down. Iran showed more overall grit.
  14. Anything can happen. Snyder got beat so can burros. He better be able to beat him because he can't beat Taylor.....lol
  15. The male population is very passionate about the sport. The fact they ban women from stadiums would probably be the deal breaker for me. Not the peoples' fault I guess
  16. Stieber and Burroughs very fortunate
  17. I know Flo had a big investor recently, but don't think they can hang with NBC sports/sports engine(track wrestling) kind of money.
  18. ThanksI was looking at track wrestling under teams and it showed him
  19. USA team shows dieringer is there. Is that correct?
  20. If Taylor survives with anything less than a tech, it would surprise me.
  21. Excellent! Wish they would at least give them a rolled up towel, But they have a lot of responsibility just keeping 180 degrees opposite of the head ref.
  22. I think we all can probably learn something from him. Never heard him trash others on the way they act out, just sets the example.
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