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  1. No wonder he has such high confidence. That's a title Kyle does not have
  2. Apparently he was the inferior wrestler on that day and time. As long as you can justify the loss in your own mind ...I'm good with it... I can't believe the number of times the better wrestler loses..They need to change the scoring criteria to where the better wrestler always wins.
  3. And I am pretty sure they are both better than Ivanov @ #19
  4. I think dinger had a solid win against ab-nov I don't think it was that dominant though. You are correct on dakes win over a 70 k guy, maybe there is a small opening for consideration, but still needs a couple top ten wins, obvious a win against Burroughs has to be his goal or anything else doesnt really matter. I'm not convinced he can beat burroughs. I didn't think he could beat dinger the way he did either. So time will tell.
  5. Dake, dieringer, bey are not top 10 or even close at this point.
  6. Nvm I'm wrong and admit it.
  7. Obviously none of our opinions matter as they are just that. What does matter to me is discrediting another wrestler win as a fluke or "got caught" when the other wrestler executes a move and it results in a successful pin. I don't care if they rank him #1. Doesn't matter to me. On that day, at that time he was not the better wrestler and lost to a backup. That's all I'm saying ... If you want to be #3 don't lose to a backup.
  8. In other words that is the politically correct way to fire a minority coach
  9. But those were flukes
  10. #3 guys don't get stuck by backups
  11. ......and just maybe...neither was the first period stick of him by a wisconsin back up.
  12. [quote name="Billyhoyle" post="253947" timestamp="148 You're greatly overestimating both the number of Americans who have heard of him and the number who he'd be popular with if they had.] Re: Maybe overestimated somewhat, but I bet his name is more recognizable to more Americans than any other on this list. Every true liberal would know him as a leader of tea party and a slayer of HRC. I doubt many know he was an NCAA champion though.
  13. Smart wrestling by Dake. Keeping his left arm tucked close to body or overtied.
  14. Maybe his win over Walz was a fluke.
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