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  1. Dinger looked bad against the Finnish guy too. Just muscled his way to victory. Not the same guy that beat Aliev at world cup.
  2. Gotta keep up with ya...was reading your posts on the college forum Dake is definitely the better wrestler.. glad he was able to win an international tourney
  3. Yep - Aliev..8-0 same guy that beat Dake.I've seen ringer do this before ..Not worried. I think just about any guy could of taken him down in that match
  4. I didnt believe your first prediction
  5. I say put it in the best wrestling venue of all time....Fargodome!
  6. I believe there is a two time NCAA champ that is probably unpopular with 47â„… of all Americans. Jimmy Jordan.
  7. Let me guess...The better wrestler lost again
  8. But I thought he did let him go and then dove in and tried hanging on to the leg ...Same position Zeke stepped over on earlier.
  9. If he would of cut him he would of lost in regulation
  10. That is exactly how Isaac wins his matches. Like it or not. Also how he got beat by massa
  11. Lol...Guess he didn't learn from the other two time he was in that position
  12. No idea but really a big difference in last two years
  13. Medberys thighs are as big as nevills waist
  14. If Medbery unleashes and shoots,he will gain confidence and it won't be close. If he dances around with him like he is prone to do at times nevills will be in it until the end. There is a reason that Dlagnev took him to Rio as a training partner.
  15. Exactly how it will go. The only match I ever saw Jordan totally spank someone was Brunson a couple years ago when he made Brunson literally quit!
  16. No one is questioning his achievements in either style. If any one questions why he didn't, it is a simple answer. He only wrestled college part time while the winner wrestled college full time. I think he was rewarded...Didn't he get a fat check from usaw?
  17. Wouldn't you have a hard time giving a season long folkstyle trophy to someone who only, purposely, participates on a part-time basis?
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