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  1. Well at least Brooks should of received some defensive near fall points.
  2. It's called the marstellar syndrome. Never had to worry about making weight in high school and get to college and can't drop 10#.
  3. It's the second refs fault. Should of been looking for offensive wrestler fall while main ref was focused on opponent
  4. And there is no shortage of excuse makers for him either
  5. Of course if Dake loses, it will be because he's injured or the massive weight cut
  6. So should hall be ranked between Meyer and morreli?
  7. Doesn't NCAA realize that this is what a redshirt year is used for?
  8. M]embers of the NCAA Wrestling Rules Committee determined that when wrestling is stopped in the neutral standing position for going out of bounds, the referee can make one of the three following calls: • Stalling on one or both wrestlers for leaving the wrestling area. • Stalling for pushing or pulling the opponent out of bounds. • Wrestling action is taking place. (It should be noted that a tie-up, including an under hook with no attempt to initiate an offensive move, is not considered an offensive or defensive attack). I still do not think they call it correctly
  9. It's Flo. They have their own means of justification. Usually has something to do with favoritism.
  10. If it puts more people in the stands, it's good for the sport.
  11. You once again are making my point...Don't share your goals publicly as there are people who will find fault (or condemn) such as you have just done (and so have I). I'm on your side bud... I just look at it as a future goal he set and put it out there publicly... You look at it as arrogance. Jordan Burroughs is everything but that.
  12. Thanks for validation of my point. You too are condemning a man for making his goal public. If you don't set your goal for "gold" you will probably be settling for silver or far less. I don't view this as having anything to do with humility, by posting a personal goal publicly he just opened an avenue for people to condemn.
  13. In Carver Hawkeye it would of been an Iowa win. Seriously.
  14. Put doughboy right on his can...Love it
  15. Wasn't there but watched it on BTN plus ... Didn't really notice the slams or they didn't stand out to me..I think he broke Donar real early and rag dolled him easily. Overall, out side of Medberry and Robertson, Wisconsin needs to get a hold of some GRIT! Don't know the extent of Jordans injury but he has not looked good the last couple matches.
  16. Lot easier with 4 point near falls
  17. Regardless, it was good reading. Thanks
  18. And let this be a lesson for anyone who publicly announces their personal goals... there will always be those who will try to bring you down
  19. Have to hand it to him. That was an excellent shot. The dude let him go.
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