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  1. Just another Street Punk
  2. No disrespect to him at all. You said he is a clear 4 based on some close matches and that he finished #4 last year. I disagree and gave reason why he may not be.
  3. In my opinion the only time it really counts is in March. Lewis may not want the match as much as you do.
  4. If they beat him two times out of two times ...Yes you can consider them superior wrestlers
  5. We can fantasize about the future matches all we want. As for the facts, right now Chandler Rogers is a superior wrestler to Lewis.
  6. Just kidding ...They do as well as anyone. I wouldn't give up on Blees yet either...Had a 70 percent win percentage at OK state..Not going to be national champ there either...Maybe expectations too high
  7. Different coaching styles. Has had trouble adjusting to Iowa/East style. Hope they don't ruin another good prospect. Probably too much time out all night running coon with zadick.
  8. Im not sure if there is a consistent rule. Sometimes they start counting when top guy has tight waist and grabs ankle to break bottom guy down.
  9. It should ...But it's not being called lately even without legs being in.
  10. ...And he is not even remotely close.
  11. Any one who has seen or been involved in one of Kessel's seminars, knows that he will call stalling if you continue to back up to the edge. In his own words he explained to a wrestler who said "the guy was pushing me"! His response was "push back". Wrestlers and coaches in general do not seem to change their strategies according to referees tendencies as they do in other sports.
  12. Changed my mind slightly, but I was never really on board to begin with. The emphasis with okie st. does not seem to be on bonus points which will put them at a huge disadvantage. Pic, heil and crutch need to win the ones they are supposed to with significance.
  13. Also initiated backing to the edge several times
  14. It's fun reading all the second guessing first, then watching the match and finding out how completely clueless some are.
  15. Agree there. Nolf Looks like a fish out of water in freestyle...Like Ed Ruth.
  16. Clark Kent could not beat Mark Hall
  17. Hopefully they get Mac and cheese down before they attempt lasagna.
  18. I hear they are the best! ...And overtaking Track
  19. Been there many times with FLO
  20. Let's see if we can beat the number of trackwrestling slams
  21. Here we go again! Online therapy. Do you all need online hugs?
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