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  1. Naw ...just seeing if there are any DSJ fans still around
  2. Beat him in nationals because ref didn't want to call grabbing the singlet (twice in 0T) as a violation and did not want to call takedown on edge of mat. Very possible that dieringer would of been a 4x champ with a different ref.
  3. If he would of cuffed him during the course of wrestling it might not have been called. Sucker punching a guy with his hands on his knees with one second left is nothing short of being a punk ass.
  4. Didn't appear to me at the angle I saw that he held shoulders at a 45 for two consecutive counts/secs. Ref had the best view though.
  5. Which brings up another point of Pritz throwing the flag in. Fine line between sticking up for your athlete and condoning street punk tactics. This also applies to T. Moore. The first crossface was debatable..The second one was street punk. This is also not letting gilman off either. All this crap needs to be addressed.
  6. We really don't need that type of "street punk" tactics in the sport from anyone. Was he using it as a setup with 1 second left?
  7. I may be wrong, but I do see a few flaws that I never seen before or that had been addressed sooner. I think they are devoting time ($) into the trackast or so it seems to me.
  8. Track has already been taken over 6 months ago by Sports Engine (NBC)
  9. Wrong again. The software company does not hire the morons who are talking to each other rather than paying attention to the match and can not tell the difference between red and green.
  10. Can't we at least start day two off properly by bitching about track.
  11. tbert

    Quean Smith

    Good reading...thanks
  12. Penn State fans have a way of making me wish for failure towards wrestlers that I was once a big fan of.
  13. Since Mark Hall has been denied his privileged entrance into the Midlands, he has been denied the proper training experience that he is entitled. Any outcome of the match would there for be subject to an asterisk by the result.
  14. He wanted some preferential treatment because he was Cael "friggin" Sanderson ... and they told him to go pound salt. End of story.
  15. Well I just heard that with just the possibility of him wrestling at the scuffle..there is standing room only left.
  16. I must of watched a different match. I saw ringer winning until about 20 seconds left. Howe did wear him out though.
  17. What about Chris Perry? Still going 74?
  18. You forgot Penn state sex offenders.
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