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  1. You forgot Penn state sex offenders.
  2. They already have stalling time. What else do you want ribbons for effort and number of deep shots?
  3. Just a small insignificant part....the score
  4. He was the dominant staller on top and that gave him the win. That's all that counts.
  5. I don't recall disrespecting Lewis. But if you are offended so be it.It is fair to say that he is one of the best at riding that is great! He is the best at stalling on top...awesome great in a close match. I don't think that one riding point will make a difference in a match with IMar
  6. Cool story of Nazar K. Returning to wrestle in front of home country after 3 ncaa d3 titles. Nazar and Alex...wisconsin is proud of ya!
  7. I believe dinger learned a valuable weight management issue the first time around. A case could even be made that ding should of had a stall call. Don't think he was "always in it til the end" at his NCAA match. Did he even ride him for 20 seconds?
  8. Suspend them one match, make them go through sensitivity training, bring in some therapy dogs and let's wrestle!
  9. You guys are assuming Ryan would wrestle him against medbery.
  10. Maybe, but if he tries one if his plane crash singles he is gonna get pancaked
  11. Too bad .. just couldn't get the monkey off his back. One powerful dude! Rip
  12. The answer to your question is quite simple. When two out of three officials agree. Other than that, so many rules have changed so many times in last few years I don't think two out of three refs would give you the same answer. I quit officiating just because of this.
  13. I guess I will take husker du advise. Flowrestling knows how to work with the IOC.
  14. Dump the review panel. Not needed. 3 mat officials should meet and review and come to a decision. Not a bunch of second guessers.
  15. Want to be an Olympic wrestling champ? Be born in Maryland not PA.
  16. you are in control, turn off the tv
  17. Had a chance of a lifetime after takedown...no idea what kind of strategy that was after that
  18. OK, my guess is someone during the trials said he/she is "heading to Rio" and that's a trademark violation.
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