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  1. it certainly not like Happy Valley in Fargo they run their dumbass fans through the wood chipper
  2. lol. I can tell by all your support early on
  3. Well you can't pretty much bet he was a non starter.
  4. I'm right there with ya. And I also think we should continue to assault a man's character with little or no evidence only because he is on an opposing team. I also believe it's a good practice to believe anonymous accusers and their disgrunted parents that put them up to it, especially when they don't have the balls to bring it up face to face with the coach, only behind his back. I believe it is just perfectly OK to publicly identify kids by name that have not been charged with any crime I also believe that the best practice is to send these kids to prison as suggested as they do have a track record of 5% success rate. I also believe everything I read in the Washington Post and the Star Tribune as their main motivation is telling the total story not just their slant on it to sell newspapers. I also believe that a head coach should not be concerned with carnage on his team. All of this makes me a person of much higher character than the head coach and I really feel good about being able to trash his character on these forums. The man is guilty as charged, only thinking about himself and his career, future wins, NCAA finals and leaving his student athletes laying in his path to greatness. Guilty as charged Get a rope
  5. Everyone was concerned that J Rob destroyed evidence. Was the question even asked by campus cop?
  6. I guess if your main source of information is trash magazines, the star tribune is very compelling. It must be a sad day when you have to dig real deep to find something to trash someone's character with little or no evidence.
  7. So ... I'm hearing no charges filed for wrestlers or coach. Correct?
  8. and destroy teammates. Since we are speculating, I have a feeling a jealous, disgruntled, parent was involved.
  9. my point being ...there was an affadavit .. The newspapers only picked out a couple items that seemed to favor their agenda, then went back to the same old recycled anonymous stuff. The only things new I saw was the three boxes the wrestlers had to choose from when they "confessed" (as the newspaper said) and that J Rob took a vacation. All the rest is old news as far as I'm concerned. I guess when JRob told the campus cop to go pound salt was new, but I figured he said that anyways.
  10. Actually we don't know any more facts than we did before.
  11. Why didn't they post the copy of the affadavit? It's public Knowledge..right?
  12. Very serious indeed mixing alcohol and Xanax. Even more praise to JRob is due if he was able to stop it ..something our legal and bylaw enforcement has failed miserably at doing. More praise due for keeping his word and not rolling on his wrestlers to campus cops. It sure could not be the same motivation that Penn state coaching staff used in allowing their drunks to compete on their way to a national championshipn after a slap on the wrist (how many people have been killed in DUI incidents?).
  13. ....not true.. all he would have to prove is discrimination. After all he is in a protected class in a very liberal state.
  14. Now that is a fair post. Honestly after even with a favorable outcome, I can't think a reason why J would want to work for U of M given all their support... maybe a large severance is in order. In the end it may not be U of M's decision.
  15. Thanks for your meaningful update. Wrestling is forever indebted. Like I said, no updates = no story
  16. apparently there is no story or there would be articles on it. Only thing on this thread is a bunch of people seeming to want to put another nail in the coffin of "future of wrestling" To quote Pogo "I have met the enemy and he is us"
  17. Lol... seems you went from speculation to hangman. Sound like a real J Rob supporter.."hope the guy gets away with it"
  18. Since J. Rob is suspended with pay and not allowed on campus how could he hold his camp on u of m campus.
  19. What I saw was dinger backing up...or being pushed back.. never seen this in his career..folkstyle, freestyle or Greco. It's not like he was creating space for an outside shot because ive never seen one that I can remember. Maybe nerves, falling behind..conditioning for sure ..could see it in his face between periods.
  20. Well...let's see ...dieringer and hall were both at the camp, and the coaches sent dieringer out all 4 times. I guess they just wanted the USA to lose.
  21. I've watched ding since 7th grade. Never seen anything close to that!
  22. I have been a critic of Flo in the past just because I didn't think I was getting what I paid for and could not get a response/solution. They have definitely stepped it up and am now a very pleased customer!
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