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  1. Interesting you are so obsessed with it.
  2. It has been addressed for two months where have you been Rip?
  3. I can absolutely refute the argument and have in th posts over the past few months, but have no interest in rerunning it again. The problem with your argument lies with "just give Yanni 2"
  4. I like it .. good job...you now understand me.
  5. That Cael scenario may be unsettling, I dont know the inner workings of what went on in that situation. There certainly is plenty of questionable decisions in the B10 tournament for seeds...etc. In the Koll situation, If he could not handle the loss ,I would feel a lot better if he just went through the appeal process. He chose to publicly slander the USAW, character of its officials and lie about events that happened within the match . These instances are verifiable on video. He not only said it in the heat of the moment (couple hours later) interview, but seemed to amplify these same unwarranted lies and accusations in an interview a few days later after he had time to cool off and come to his senses. Obviously more than a few Koll fans see nothing wrong with this behavior. I think his behavior should be reprimanded if it hasn't; already.
  6. Just looking at a wrestling match through the eyes of Rob Koll. You must be proud of his behavior.. look in the mirror bud.
  7. Why even have low life, common folk officials anyway? A better option would be to have a matside team of over intelligent greasy lawyers making certain rules are not "misappropriated" and even some Olympic Committee arbitrators with 5 second stopwatches, can obviously do a much better job than a bunch of drunk or hungover refs that Koll has to keep waking up. Maybe they can get a referral from a dental school graduate/plastic surgeon to administer a breathalizer matside for officials. Only the best for an entitled Koll trained athlete.
  8. I believe they may be now since he threw out a gauntlet of unwarranted accusations against them, hired attorneys, etc...
  9. I say Dieringer wins if Dake is at 99%. But that also depends if it is officiated 100% fairly which it wont be due to Koll intimidating USAW refs. Another hurdle Dieringer will have to overcome to win.
  10. Yes! Wondering when these were coming. Reminds me of the all the lame dake excuses before he even wrestled Burros.
  11. They can throw the brick whenever they want. The officials have discretion also to deny it if they want. Would the the official outcome they came to change any if it was before or after the whistle?
  12. You must have listened to Koll lie about that. Video shows The brick was thrown before the end of the match.
  13. Challenging a call or non call is gaming the system? In Cornell lingo that is sticking up for your wrestler.
  14. You dont have to be a PSU fan to realize Koll is a sore loser. Hopefully there will be no embezzlement from the officials this time.
  15. Ghadzi beat Dake at 18 yarigan Ghadzi beat Ding at 19 yarigan
  16. Ghadzi,same guy that beat Dake his first time they wrestled. Of course Dake teched him at worlds though
  17. I can buy into that ....with or without the sarcasm
  18. As long as they dont take away the 180 degree yank around at the end of match I'm ok with it.
  19. Cant be that hard. But if they did, it would of saved probably 50+ pages of verbal diarrhea as no one has a definitive reason or the actual sequence getting to the outcome they did. All speculation.
  20. Would it be hard for them to explain what happened scoring in Zain/Yanni?
  21. Nope not the same person, I'm not a Penn state fan, not that there is any thing against it. I am a fan of wrestling who believes what is best for the sport is to leave it on the mat and if you dont like leaving the outcome in the hands of officials, then coach, prepare or train your athlete to leave it out of their hands. I do not think it sheds a positive light on an organization who encourages coaches to publicly slander refs in the name of sticking up for his athlete. I'm sure with enough money and the right "arbitrator" he can change the outcome of a match. That should elevate his level to greatness among many fans.
  22. The last line simplifies this whole situation. Koll and his appeal is nothing more than a sore loser who is pandering to a captive audience and intimidating officials though slandering interviews full of untruthful info. Hopefully the officials wont be intimidated by his legal actions, and dont buy into his mind games in the future.
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