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  1. Go for it ding! Cheeseheads are proud of ya!
  2. exactly ...you can lead a horse to water....but you can't make em drink
  3. It appears there nothing wrong with marstellar except his own dedication to fitness. He controls how many miles he puts in. He controls what outside influences he listens to. His talent level has always been there, just many have caught up with better coaching and take conditioning more serious than he does.
  4. I see what you are saying and kind of got that feeling too at the begining, but reviewing the calls I can't see any that were called that were not justified. There are three officials, so at least two would have to have it in for Waters...can't just blame the guy on mat.
  5. I love it that everyone gets all disturbed when another one of their folkstyle heros self destructs on the Greco mat. As the saying goes ..if it were easy everybody would be doing it.
  6. The best wrestler doesn't always win. In this case the guy who knew (and definitely played them) the rules won. Waters or his corner should of known 3 cautions gets you dq'd...should of given up takedown.
  7. Until Cael's contract is up and some school offers him more money...gonna happen
  8. Disagree Just have to watch more of it ...then it will grow on you
  9. Some one is looking for dirt if they have a search warrant and are searching "personal" computer. Especially if they only have a tip from an "unnamed" individual. Can't find any pills in a personal computer.
  10. Once jrob called out thecover-up (whether true or not).. the ass covering begins.. new AD had mtg with pres and he comes to conclusion to suspend w/ pay. Pres can't have a guy unwilling to follow protocol around
  11. Yea..i can make up a lot of crap too. I doubt he cut a deal with the cops for immunity and then went to the news dont think it works that way...lol. Just not fond of assaulting a mans character without any proof
  12. Where are you getting this information that he took them and they are unaccounted for? Who said that? From an unnamed source? The source that "knows for a fact" there were 1400 given to J Rob and the rest thrown in the river? The only way he would know for a fact is if he was present and counted them when they allegedly turned them in..and also if he was there when they threw them in the river .....if that's the case he wouldn't have the need to be unnamed...anything other than that is just heresay. Holds the same amount of credibility as most of the opinions on this forum. What would be J Rob's motive for doing this? To jeopardize his career to save a few kids so team can be competitive ? There is always a little bit of truth to any story but overall, this one just doesn't pass the smell test.
  13. That's all they could come up with? Don't waste your time watching this.
  14. Well...in this thread of "make believe"..at least it is a "known" statement by a real person.
  15. PRESS RELEASE - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE From: James C. W. Bock, Esq., of JCWB ESQ LLC Date May 30, 2016 RE: University of Minnesota Head Wrestling Coach J Paul Robinson Last Tuesday, May 24th KMSP aired during their late evening news a report concerning University of Minnesota wrestlers’ alleged drug use and alleged drug sales. On Thursday, May 26th a number of newspaper stories picked up the television report advancing more specific anonymously sourced allegations against Coach Robinson. The media coverage to date appears to be a self-circulating story based on one, anonymous source; blather from anonymous sources and a media environment that disperses what it wants to be true rather than what actually is true is troubling. In late February / early March, Coach Robinson became suspicious members of the University of Minnesota wrestling team were using drugs. Pursuant to University of Minnesota Department of Intercollegiate Athletics policy Coach Robinson notified his direct supervisor within the Athletic Department of his concerns. Coach Robinson specifically notified the interim Athletic Department Director as well, and of his desire to have specific wrestlers tested. Coach Robinson was instructed he needed to complete a ‘testing form’ (i.e., The University of Minnesota Department of Intercollegiate Athletics Alcohol and Drug Testing Reasonable Suspicion Reporting Form) before requesting the testing of student athletes. The ‘reasonable suspicion’ form was completed, and testing of student athletes took place on or about Monday, March 21st. It was on March 25th the interim Athletic Director sent Coach Robinson the 2016 University of Minnesota Drug and Alcohol Policy in twenty pages via email. The ‘Drug and Alcohol Policy’ states: “Any student-athlete who identifies him/herself as having a substance abuse problem may self-refer to the Department of Athletic Medicine to be entered into a Safe Harbor program pending approval of the Review Board.” Coach Robinson specifically informed the University through multiple channels of his knowledge of the situation. The University did not test the student athletes for Xanax. Coach Robinson informed University staff of his specific concerns. As a result there are electronic communications between University employees within the University’s control on these issues. The University has now been placed on written notice the communications and electronically stored data in its control may not be damaged, altered and/or destroyed and must be available for future dissemination. As of this date no specific person or identifiable employee of the University has made a statement of fact that can be corroborated.The University has been asked to test athletes, has tested athletes and has not disclosed this fact or seemingly instructed its employee on how to deal with the consequences of its testing results and/or the serious allegations being advanced in the media by an anonymous wrestler. Coach Robinson has earned respect over the past thirty years as one of the most honorable, loyal and successful coaches in University history. Coach Robinson’s accomplishments and loyalty to the University, to his teams, to the hundreds of student athletes he has coached, and to his fans, and detractors, would seem to be lost at this time. Fairness and appropriate disclosures by the University are at issue, and balanced coverage by the media of all facts is required.  
  16. Thanks for volunteering, You are appointed as the chairman of the jury of pretenders. Deliberate fairly by considering only the evidence (which there has been none brought forth) come to a conclusion beyond a reasonable doubt(or base your judgement on "ifs" and "buts" which you and you fellow hypocrites have already done before any evidence or facts have surfaced) The wrestling community needs more just like you
  17. Could the first points scored by lebedev against musukaev actually been push out and fleeing mat? 1+1?
  18. Well now that J Rob has been found guilty of all charges (even though none have been filed and we have only heard from an "unnamed accusser") this case should be closed. Guilty as charged by the Court of Pretenders! It is now time for all the perfect and self righteous to reflect on the times they knew of someone supplying alcohol to minors (what if they got in an accident and killed someone?) EVERYONE knows some one. How many times did the jury of Pretenders turn the person in or go to the news media and anonymously trash someone? Of course none of the self righteous ever supplied a drink to someone who was intoxicated or under aged. J Rob or the student athletes are no different.
  19. Howe will help him get ahead and stay ahead by one point
  20. Well the person may be "anonymous" right now, but not after charges are files.
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