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  1. I think each state determines the penalty and in Minnesota it is a level 5 severity...lowest level.
  2. Xanax is NOT a narcotic or a painkiller.
  3. In Minnesota Selling or possessing without script of schedule IV is probation, 0 - 5 yrs, up to $10 k in fines.
  4. Quitters never win. I'm sure Dieringer felt same as redshirt freshman getting pounded all time in practice. I'm sure Valencia was just extremely disappointed.
  5. Can't be too fun getting your ass kicked by nearly everyone in the room. Couldn't or didn't want to, get off the bottom. The when he did take someone down he couldn't turn or keep them down.
  6. Lets hire a barber first. Biggest matches of your international career and cant keep the hair out of your eyes.. another unneeded distraction.
  7. certainly didn't hurt to have a little folkstyle background on that.
  8. Varner was returning Olympic gold medalist. Shouldn't he be awarded something greater than returning world medalist?
  9. Unfortunately this or similar type situations have been playing out in every wrestling dual and tourneys for along time. Passivity, stalling, fleeing are all subjective and are in the hands of the refs. Even when specifics are spelled out most don't follow.
  10. The only obvious fleeing being done is Dake fleeing from 74 kg.
  11. Just remember getting put in par Terre in Greco is a penalty.
  12. Im not a Brands fan or an Iowa fan. Doesn't surprise me if he did lie- Its their club they can run it as they please. Apparently someone was holding a gun to Ramos to make him stay, now that's against the law. I do sleep well know the little diva will not be representing my country in Rio.
  13. Crybaby made the comparison on how Metcalf would feel bringing in molinaro and how burroughs would feel bringing in dake or Taylor. Welcoming in a prior team member is not the same...if he can't see that ...then he is making the right choice. He overestimated his worth. He is a graduate just like Dennis. Just proves to me Brands made the right choice.
  14. He probably knew that Dennis was a coachable athlete and better wrestler than Ramos simple as that.
  15. Good riddance. I don't think getting Dennis was going out and recruiting. He was a member of HWC. I'm sure everyone just wants a malcontent in their club. Blames Morningstar? For having lunch with a former teammate? Seems he didn't have a problem with anyone when he was spewing the list of people he had taken out. Needs to grow up!
  16. Its gotta really hurt when the whole arena that was loyal for many years applauds his opponent! Yanked the rug from under him . A good learning experience in his much needed path to maturity.
  17. Yep... lost to d2 and d3 champ same year... also lost to Horan in eighth grade... ... sore loser
  18. Good for him... he earned something with the kind of year he had
  19. Many ways to define dominance...two different wrestling styles, two different styles of dominance. I vote we give Zain his much deserved "2015-2016 Top Bonus Percentage and Most Pins in 2016 Award" Ding gets the "2015-2016 most first period pins and most pins under one minute award" Since It's WIN Mags award, they can give it to who they want to. Since it apparently doesn't apply just to current year, they should not promote it as comparing to Heisman. Its more like a Time Magazine "Man of the Year" award.
  20. So are we looking for hanging chad's?
  21. His headlock and stick of Andrew Alton was one moment that I enjoyed.
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