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  1. His headlock and stick of Andrew Alton was one moment that I enjoyed.
  2. I'm sure I saw dinger throw at least three guys from their feet straight to back and stick em in PD 1 this year Thats dominance should be taken into account too.
  3. tbert

    Hodge talk

    The voters should take into account that retheford was redshirted to avoid stieber or he would have at least a couple mere losses.
  4. tbert

    Hodge talk

    If you look at the final issue of win magazine and read the title you'll see the winner of the Hodge trophy
  5. Seems to do real well taking down fat boys in D1. Not quite so well against Russian with some strength and technique.
  6. As far as impossible to score take down from knee...I guess you haven't watched Ryan taylor
  7. Your reason made no sense at all. There are no excuses ...just lack of performance. So you feel international style hampers folkstyle performance? Or only in Illinois. I just gave you 5 champions this year that would probably disagree with you. The best folkstyle HS state in US had no NCAA champs this year.
  8. Now, if they just improve THEIR coverage
  9. Your one of the champs only. Most in the Midwest ... only one out east...interesting
  10. Yea these underperformers also spent their summers perfecting styles they will never use unless they made the world team.... Dieringer , Stieber, Tomasello, Brewer, Gwiz, I don't buy that excuse
  11. He doesn't have a problem putting the submission hold on his own kin. Isaac actually chuckled about tapping out during the match in an interview. It must hurt like hell but its hard to see where the pain is generated from.
  12. I wonder if Dean picked up any pointers from team mate Billy George
  13. who is older Brown or Stieber
  14. I'm not sure if its been said but I think refs thought KSU was trying to give miller a breather
  15. The same way rob koll did not know his wrestler was behind by one Other than all the drama afterward it was a pretty good match
  16. They did a formal challenge, went over the refs head. They were told F off.
  17. The accountability for KSU ended when he questioned the ref if the score was correct and they told him it was and to sit down.
  18. To say the KSU coaches are to blame is the stupidest comment next to it being Cornell's fault. How many times in the tournament do you do you think the coaches questioned the score without a formal flag waving ceremony? A couple dozen? By these coward NCAA officials explanation, all of these informal protests should not have been honored? Gotta have a flag? BS! They had criteria in place and they tucked their tails and ran.
  19. Certainly not realbutos fault. If he wins he will have the hardware. Just will not be the champion as he lost to Miller. Not fair that one wrestler gets to be in a double elim championship bracket while everyone else is out of contending for a title with one loss.
  20. I heard Walsh once bench pressed over 100#
  21. It looked to me that dinger was a 57 pounder next to Jordan
  22. I cant believe Jordan fell into dingers pancake. Must not watch video. At least he didn't get hit with a firemans
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