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  1. when this ref made an error - NCAA lays the blame on the KSU coaches.
  2. So ..... if you have no more challenges left.... and the two refs or the table do not give or update to the correct score... you just take it in the rear? as you have no flag to wave? NCAA took the easy way out.
  3. How about the over-scissors bo put on the leg? is that illegal or pot. dangerous?
  4. Maybe he is the better physical wrestler-probably not so mentally
  5. Hunter must be embarassed that a poster would think he should get any special treatment. Maybe try watching college chess nationals.
  6. How do you know they are under appreciated? Do you know all their salaries?
  7. Its fine with me that they postponed, cancelled or what ever. Cheap ass Martin F couldn't afford to have some one run the camera or to chase away people in front of it. Really didn't enjoy watching spectators asses.
  8. tbert


    I'm not a great fan of the part of the Iowa style that pushes guys out of bounds after the whistle. I am less of a fan of the Missouri /Cornell style of playing the edge and bailing out when in danger. Other than that I like the demeanor and professional attitude of coach smith and koll.
  9. Shane Sparks is not obligated to name anyone or to even to come on here and explain. Not quite sure why he did except to affirm his integrity among some nameless cowards who question it. There is only one person who is responsible for the slam. Not the ref, not the coach. Only one person made that decision at that time. The ref called what he saw...a few seconds earlier Waters pulled him over in a like position. Maybe this played into it. Pretty sure on the straight on view the ref had. Watch the video again from straight on view. Sure if the ref was watching which legs were on the ground, while watching Waters locked hands, counting to 5, while watching facial expressions, watching body language of each wrestler and determining who initiated the throw he could of made a better call. He was, however, left out on an island as the other ref did not assert himself ... or maybe the rules don't allow it... There are however many stupid rules that the community supports that led up to not only this, but also the kicks by McMullen and Schiller. I don't need a 5 count to determine if it is stalling, when a guy drops to an ankle and locks around with out immediately working up, its stalling on the first count. .... if a guy throws in legs and side headlock while the guy is in a tripod or standing its stalling on the first count, not the fifth count. What the bottom guys option .... lay there and wait for time to run out?
  10. looked like a fleming choke hold to me
  11. Just in from Russian forum "Amerikans are pussies"
  12. so..... B Smith, Waters and Shane Sparks ( the only people with real names) are all wrong and posters hiding behind a made up name are right... gotcha
  13. We can keep piling on the ref who may have had a straight on angle and made a bad call, but we are missing a bigger point....we have a second ref who had a different angle... more of what we all saw. Why didn't he step up to the plate? He didn't have a problem as the second ref, making a stalling call in an earlier dual.
  14. Its a good thing the head of officiating was at the match
  15. If most matches were wrestled like this one, we would have no problem with attendance. Kudos to both not on BTN... just Cyclone TV
  16. that was a fun match to watch... no playing the edge....they needed the whole mat....throwing each other around and countering
  17. Pickett is no angel himself. It appears at about 2:26 1st period he inflicted a decent head butt.
  18. I believe Billy George is still on Cornell roster. should of thrown him in
  19. Depends on which Dinger shows up. Either Jordan will feast on the old Dinger that gets ahead by a couple and tries hanging on The Dinger with a full gas tank who unleashes his arsenal will smoke either one... score may be close, the match wont be. .....long live the fireman's!!!
  20. A takedown should be awarded when a wrestler is actually "taken down" to the mat and controlled, not when one pinky may have touched the mat. Shouldn't have to go to video to determine a takedown. This crap needs to end, new fans have a tough enough time understanding the sport.
  21. At some point I think Mark Perry's and Tom Brands suitcase were swapped in an airport.
  22. Let's give the "national champion wrestler and coach" his due respect
  23. Well its a good thing there is video, otherwise I would of thought Penn St. won every match.
  24. AK.... my point was to point out the hipocrasy... Ok for Jeva to kick Heil directly in the face without any suspension. Upon reviewing the video of it again, I have changed my mind. McMullen should not of even be penalized. Unlike Jeva, he did not kick Telford in the head. He did use some forcefull leverage against his shoulder and back though. It should be noted the ref let Telford hang on the leg for a full 17 seconds before calling stalling.
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