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  1. With the more athletic wrestler playing the edge in todays style, there needs to be a rule. However I have mixed feelings on calling it the push out rule. I don't like pushing out much more than I like the bail out. We have a rule ... it needs to be enforced from the get go. I watched a recent big 10, I think Wisconsin / Purdue where the ref enforced it from the beginning. Nobody bitched because it was called equally.
  2. Phish The difference is no one called for Jeva to be suspended. It should of been a penalty, but that is not the title of this post.
  3. If you are from Iowa you are allowed one kick to the face, if you are an opponent it is illegal
  4. someone's character is in question and its not Tsirtsis. Saying he "refused" to shake hands is irresponsible
  5. do you think the same about jeva when he did the same to heil
  6. Jared Abberderis WR Wisconsin wrestled in HS.
  7. Well, while he's a Jordan, he's just a cousin. But he would qualify for "any Jordan"
  8. zeke jordan did fila jrs couple yrs ago
  9. Ness "catching" Green after getting beat earlier.
  10. I think all you PA guys with low self esteem should reach around and pat yourselves on the back.
  11. tbert

    Thank God

    Maybe Green will get back on twitter and talk more trash to Ness and Dinger.
  12. tbert

    Thank God

    Such garbage. An average wrestler uses junk move to beat a stud. Not a fan of his style at all. Appearently it is legal this year to get in on the hips and drive through for takedowns.Reminds me of CoachP. Dieringer has heart and guts, I will give him that. Ness had an off night. These guys have wrestled each other many times coming up through the ranks. That is a bunch of garbage... huge Dieringer fan here.. but Ness really worried me.
  13. I agree ... ness seemed sluggish. This has to be the most lopsided win of the many times they have wrestled. the dinger had time to recover from weight cut
  14. The dinger is wrestling as good as I have ever seen him.
  15. Barry laid out the plan.. Graff didn't listen.
  16. It will be probably another one point win...whether high scoring or not. They know each way too well. If Ness can stay away from Dingers outside fireman he has a good chance of breaking his losing streak against him.
  17. windiest state in the country... Montana blows and .... Minnesota sucks.
  18. apparently he is over the flu....lol
  19. this may be a story equal or greater to Burroughs
  20. why don't you just use track wrestling
  21. Ian Miller is an awesome talent. Ness probably has a better room. The final will be a show between two good friends that have wrestled many times coming up through the ranks in folk, freestyle and Greco.
  22. being from North Dakota we never get any respect
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