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  1. really guys? Morgan headgear are popular in the Midwest....in high school. Not so much in college
  2. All we hear on these forums is how all these other state champs couldn't make it out of PA regionals. A little humility never hurt anyone.
  3. The state with the self proclaimed best depth just got trounced. I would hate to see the score if Illinois all stars came to PA.
  4. The matches I have seen Jesse is an AA on his feet. Against quality opponents he uses his shots and works up to body locks. Got first two takedowns on Evan Henderson. He then gets ridden hard for the rest of his matches. Here is link to Lazor match... typical of his early season losses http://www.badgerstatewrestling.com/ind ... =1&eid=569
  5. Hope Sabatello recovers from the ass kicking he took from Thielke.
  6. You werent kiddin about Thielke.. a few guys got some air time this weekend
  7. Sueflohn Jordan Klimara N.Moore Monk Medbery Zilverberg
  8. I love it when she publicly scolds the kids at Fargo!
  9. Top guy locking hands or legs in any non pinning position should be stalling.
  10. Should be interesting. If ness can beat the dinger or if dinger can beat. St john
  11. Now you did it .... here comes another sarcastic response by Jason B.
  12. I think He only shot on counters... which were not many... good strategy by Jordan
  13. Green was deep on a couple of shots ... couldnt finish. Jordan has unbelievable hips.
  14. Zeke Jordan...yea 4-2 takedown 2nd OT
  15. Is "fair and square" actually what happened? I know it's been analyzed to death elsewhere, but there was a call that swung the dual that was an inarguable misapplication of a rule that the official admitted immediately following the match. If Dardanes had just finished that shot in bounds, it would have saved us all a lot of grief. Dont know if it was fair and square either... With all the elite PA boys on Penn State and only some second tier, local, upper midwest kids on Minnesota ... shouldnt have been close
  16. Maybe we should open a "Warren Commission" type of investigation looking into this. Seems as if Penn State wrestlers and fans are "victims" of some sort.
  17. I don't think he'll have to beat all three, but yes, I think he will beat them. In the match he beat St. John, it's not like he just hit that elevator and that was all he did. He was in on St. John's legs repeatedly in the first period including getting the only TD of the match. He could have trouble if he gets caught under St. John again since he struggled mightily there, but Green isn't much of a rider. Dieringer is an interesting match up. I just think ness is going to win. Be advised I have a bit of a soft spot for the Ness brothers, both personal non-Hawkeye favorites of mine. I think I picked Dylan to win or come in 2nd last year at 149 and when Jayson beat Dan Dennis in the NCAA, I was the most mixed I've ever felt about a match, I think. Ness and Dieringer know each other very well.. the matches have always been exciting and close, with Dieringer having success lately winning last 3 meetings. Dieringer has seen his street move before, but it was unsuccessful...check out about 1 minute mark. annoucer... none other than Shane Sparks
  18. Other than keeping 180 degrees on the opposite side of the mat from the main ref, what exactly does the other ref do?
  19. I really like watching A Alton when he is on his game. Alot of old school moves. I shouldnt, but I have grown to root against many PA wrestlers because of some of the arrogant PA posters.
  20. At least they got the #1 recruiting class next year so they can play with the big boys....lol
  21. I think Travis Rutt wrestled 2008-2009
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