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  1. I really like watching A Alton when he is on his game. Alot of old school moves. I shouldnt, but I have grown to root against many PA wrestlers because of some of the arrogant PA posters.
  2. At least they got the #1 recruiting class next year so they can play with the big boys....lol
  3. I think Travis Rutt wrestled 2008-2009
  4. Tsirtsis is and outstanding wrestler and a stand up guy. Im sure Tsirtsis is embarrassed that people are making excuses for his losses or what they feel is sub par performance You will never hear any of these excuses out of him.
  5. I believe Shane took second in WI state back in the day.
  6. If you count the 10 seconds of riding after the takedown off the mat...Beitz had total of about 24 seconds. Tsirtsis had about 1:35 riding time of course that is taking into account that the third period lasted 2:29 . When they started the clock at 1:10, it should of actually been :43. It appears Tsirtis had enough riding time if you include the 10 seconds out of bounds. Maybe they took that time off the clock at some point, but it did not show it on the screen.
  7. There is not a legitimate ref out there that wants to give away the match on a judgement call. The rules of stalling, passivity fleeing need to be defined in detail for the refs to call them.
  8. Apparently they have a short memory. Dake spent 4 year s getting ahead by a couple points and stalling the rest of the match
  9. If he does and loses ...you can always blame it on the flu
  10. I couldn't tell if #4 Heflin is grossly over ranked or just beat by a better wrestler.
  11. You gotta take the bad with the good. First of all I wouldnt rely on rope and dope commentary to determine if it was stalling. Any time you have a reward for "riding" you also open it up for stalling. Riding time has gotten to be such a sexy thing in wrestling that refs feel the pressure not to call it. They dont call backing off the mat in neutral, why call pushing off the mat? The object should be to pin your opponent or attempt to pin or get called for stalling. If the rider uses any move ...spiral ride, claw, uses legs, locks his hands or legs ..power half, side headlock figure 4 the leg, scissors etc... he should be given a 10 or 15 count to turn or the first time is a stalemate...next time is stalling.
  12. I appreciate your acknowledgment of the trouble. I appreciate but don't need the extreme angles and boom camera. The old single camera is sufficient until the bugs get worked out. Let's get Mac and cheese down before we try lasagne.
  13. If they did they lied. They posted on twitter it was fixed and it was now user issues.
  14. Too late. FTC complaint filed. Been there done that as well. You can not get a person to talk to.
  15. I got to see retherford run off mat! yea
  16. This might get the ball rolling... https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/#&panel1-1 Thank you... my complaint will be sent
  17. I will be disputing the charge on my C Card
  18. Unbelievable --- a client side issue ===
  19. WTF they had time to do that crap on break
  20. mine lost too! what a bunch of suckers we are
  21. god....1 is up but now have to listen to that clown... I miss Joe Flo
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