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  1. mine dead.. maybe have billy bob covering mat 3 go around and check the plugs
  2. That I did not know. If that is the case then I understand it. Head injuries are very serious and we need to continue to find ways for prevention. No one uses Morgan headgear by you?
  3. Fleming used it ... Schopp uses it ... guess the stalling only applies to non-pa wrestlers
  4. When youre an unranked backup and you beat the #1 and #2 in the same tournament you are the OW.
  5. Maybe this is his "new" back flip
  6. Not for sure... there seems some talk of R.Taylor moving up
  7. The only quip is your lack of knowlege about Thielke, his style and his record. 10-7 Not bad for a part-time folkstyler wrestling up a weight.
  8. Kind of like Sandusky's ... a taste you know very well
  9. 1. Zain R 2. Edgar Bright 3. Logan S. Zain beat Logan by two and Bright by only one. That means Edgar is better than Logan s. Makes about as much sense as some of this justification.
  10. He is posting the matches up now on badger state wrestling. It was an old fashion beat down fueled by a crowd of motivated fans. Uni was stronger, in better condition., more aggressive. They dictated the way the mat was going to go. Maybe a couple questionable calls....but overall were better prepared team.
  11. He showed up with the briefcase to "bring home the hardware"
  12. Come on, Askren has a rich history of taking on, and beating, men bigger than him. I am not saying Askren is wimpy, he is a stud of the highest order. Just in this one instance it is a little unbecoming to call out someone smaller. But in general Ben is a beast, as he showed today. ....and Dake has a history of moving up a weight
  13. I think this one is cool, but I would have loved to see Ness vs. Maple at 149 more than Steiber/Maple. That is all. ... and I would like to see Ness vs Dieringer....just for ol' times sakes..
  14. Im sure Massa, Palacio, Realbuto, I. Jordan, N.Moore and other HS phenoms thought they could handle him too. I believe Chance tried wrestling in the fila jrs last year and went 0-2. Hopefully his career fares better than Hodgkins.
  15. So you believe no women in battle...no fighting.. I guess if they can not fight they should be submissive to any attacker? Dude..Im as conservative as they come and in no way can fathom your way of thinking. Perhaps you have lost a match or two to women wrestlers?
  16. Lets see if he shows up first
  17. Nothing for me either... more growing pains..... again...
  18. I did get to see about 15 seconds of the Dake / Paulson match. hopefully... just growing pains...... again
  19. big time buffering issues here also...never experienced this before.. but it is better than nothing...barely
  20. Winners make a habit out of doing things losers dont like to do..
  21. He should smile... he made the finals when he should not of. 7 seconds left in the 3rd period of the 1st OT with Dieringer... grabs singlet defending Dieringer shot with left hand ..yanks it down.... then lets go and grabs the other shoulder strap with his right hand and pulls it off shoulder...all in a couple seconds... all in plain view of ref. Why Smith didnt take a video review...dont know... but the ref would have a hard time not calling a tech violation... pretty obvious.
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