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  1. Anyone who champions this move consider you are only contributing to the further demise of wrestling. All we need is the media with an agenda to get a hold of these incidents on this supposedly legal move. Massa, Alton, Fleming and Simmons (and their coaches) all are aware what they are doing when they apply the pressure on the side of the neck and cut off blood to the brain. All of these wrestlers are quite talented and do not need to use this crap to be successful. Any use of these "sleeper" moves with pressure applied to the carotid on side of the neck, for what ever reason, should be illegal.
  2. That is correct. Trac only got 1 match wrong this time! :) Trac is only as good as accurate as the idiot coach who inputs the name
  3. Nice call on Sueflohn. Other than the first 30 seconds, It was apparent that Sueflohns gas tank was on full and it was just a matter of time. His weak leg attacks seemed to be enough to keep the #3 guy retreating most of first period.
  4. All farther "south" than kentucky
  5. Right on! Those Smith boys, Schultz bros, Monday, Varner.....all weak under performers
  6. Good analysis... take a still shot of the full nelson @ 10:24
  7. Come on...if you are looking for professional mature, accurate wrestling commentary, everyone knows FLO is far from that. They cater their coverage to the immature audience. They do little research, constantly pronounce names wrong and are partial to certain individuals and teams. Having said that, Ive been a paid member for 4 years and have certainly got my money's worth.
  8. Pretty obvious from the beginning the ref was going to give it to Dake
  9. Sadly though...she was much better than the dude
  10. Just speculation... could be because Dieringer teched his ex ( Wisconsin Jr Duals ) team mate Dolezal easily in Freestyle this summer.
  11. guess they are not getting the bang for the buck with their asst coaches..
  12. Yea.. Vaith had a little home cookin working for him...
  13. megaludis was in no better posistion than he was 15 seconds earlier. the moment became to large for this ref who felt the pressure to call something .. and blew it. these refs were not of all star quality
  14. I thought this rule was being implemented this year? [/h3][h3] Stalling The panel also approved the new criteria that better define the stalling rule, which should help ensure its consistent enforcement. Stalling is defined as one or both wrestlers attempting to avoid wrestling action as an offensive or defensive strategy. Wrestlers who consistently retreat to the edge of the mat, make no effort to move back into the wrestling area and fail to initiate action will be cited for stalling. The rule will be applied in the following instances: [*:1ppqckbm]A wrestler is not permitted to continually back away from the opponent without creating offensive action. [*:1ppqckbm]A wrestler near the edge of the mat cannot step out of bounds unless it is to sprawl from an opponent’s takedown attempt or when interlocked. A participant will be called for stalling if he kicks out from a lower leg hold and as a result of this action the defending wrestler goes out of the wrestling area. [*:1ppqckbm]A wrestler who flees or attempts to flee the wrestling area as a means of avoiding being scored upon will be called for stalling. The committee considers fleeing as an attempt by a wrestler to avoid wrestling action; thus, it is considered a form of stalling and should be similarly penalized. Wrestlers, whether on offense or defense, must make an attempt to sustain active wrestling and remain inbounds. Stalling will be called in the following instances: [*:1ppqckbm]An offensive wrestler who does not aggressively attempt to break down the opponent will be called for stalling. [*:1ppqckbm]Either wrestler pushing his opponent out of bounds to prevent scoring will be cited for stalling. [*:1ppqckbm]The offensive wrestler grasping the defensive wrestler’s leg(s) with both hands or arms will be called for stalling, unless such action is designed to break down the opponent for the purpose of securing a fall or to prevent an escape or reversal. [*:1ppqckbm]Any wrestler who repeatedly grasps or interlocks his hands around a leg without attempting an offensive move will be called for stalling. [*:1ppqckbm]A defensive wrestler must initiate action to escape or reverse the opponent, or he will be called for stalling. [*:1ppqckbm]A wrestler who repeatedly applies the legs while in the rear-standing position is stalling. There is no longer a disqualification penalty involved in the stalling rule.
  15. You do realize that Nevinger beat Dardanes twice (9-6 and 5-2) last year? Yes, I see the disclaimer that this is strictly "opinion", but I'm curious as to the basis of that opinion! Do you realize Sueflohn teched Nevinger
  16. He has lost 5 times in 2 years (should of been 6). I will take the bet. Probably will lose at least 5 more times. Who says he stays at 133? There is talk of 141 by his own brother.
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