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  1. 3 of probably our top 5 officials plus top dog tucci on review.
  2. When I get a few minutes I will try to look it up and maybe get a quote.
  3. It was the interview at the Dogu. Should be on Flow
  4. Since Yanni said in the Flow interview he was going to let the "Lawyers" decide., I would think he would be in "the know"on this.
  5. Oh, I will accept it, wont like it either way as it should not have come to this. Has nothing to do with Yanni personally. If he would of actually won the second match, I would be just as against Sanderson lawyering up and appealing. I would rather have Koll "man up" rather than " lawyer up". So we are in disagreement.
  6. So I guess your answer to the question is "yes". Out of the hundreds of athletes trying out, we are left with two Koll coached athletes prolonging the results to a simple process. Just a coincedence.
  7. You do realize the appeal process is with USOC, not USAW, right? If he would of just thrown a chair, wrestling would be better off in the long run. There is an appeal process "on the mat". Obviously you do not think wrestling should be left on the mat. In any other event other than world or Olympic competition selection, the results on the mat stay.
  8. I've actually found alot that I agree with you on. You are very civil on here. Koll and his antics just aren't one of them that I totally agree with you. Mistakes were made in this match by officials. Mistakes were also made in this match by wrestlers. Leave it on the mat not in courtroom. Is it just a coincidence that the trials are being "held hostage" by Koll coached athletes?
  9. Awe...another Koll fan coming to the rescue
  10. Only looked at the first link, Koll is a proven liar and also slandered a USAW official. All this can be validated in watching a couple videos. People can defend it with whatever reasoning they prefer but can not change his words.
  11. Round Rock HS? are you sure they have a red carpet big enough for the Dake group
  12. Well, he has Bader, Pyles, Bratke all in the same cubicle.
  13. Wrestling hotbed of US. Seriously, probably has something to do with Flowrestling, as they are being mysteriously quiet on the sitation.
  14. Probably waiting on some more drama/delays from Dake camp
  15. What was your original screen name before you were kicked off. Back in the basement until lunch. Sure know alot for your second post. Another one for the ignore list.
  16. Only in the US where the victim card is played.
  17. Not good to skip your prozac. Maybe mom will double up your dose tonight. Scroll down to the 65 kg and have mom read what it says. NEWS EVENT2019 Final X - Rutgers Jun 8 Piscataway, NJ 2019 World Team Members GRECO 55KG - MAX NOWRY GRECO 67KG - ELLIS COLEMAN GRECO 77KG - PAT SMITH GRECO 82KG - JOHN STEFANOWICZ GRECO 87KG - JOE RAU WOMENS 50KG - WHITNEY CONDER WOMENS 57KG - JENNA BURKERT WOMENS 68KG - Tamyra Mensah-Stock WOMENS 72KG - VICTORIA FRANCIS MENS 65KG - ZAIN RETHERFORD MENS 92KG - J'DEN COX MENS 125KG - NICK GWIAZDOWSKI
  18. .....and then when the kid asks "why did Mr Koll call the ref a drunk, lie to the man asking the questions saying the Zain coaches threw the brick after the match was over when they didnt.... Why did Mr Koll complain that they threw ithe brick after 5 seconds, when Mr Koll also throws the brick after 5 seconds?" You can simply say....Kid, it comes with being a sore loser. Dont be that guy.
  19. Don't go into hypotheticals or you lose your case real quick
  20. Yep a nice stiff time out was definitely in order.
  21. Without doubt Yanni sports a better freestyle resume. How much international experience has Zain actually had? Took Dake and Taylor awhile to find their groove.
  22. I thought of nolf but seemed to be guys still in school. Ringer will not be @74 next year. Going 86.
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