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    tbert reacted to LJB in J'Den Cox Misses Weight   
    if you trip and skin your knee on the sidewalk because of your untied shoes do you take the cement mixer to court?
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    tbert reacted to rpm002 in Cox weigh-in update   
    People who are "all over" things tend to not repeatedly post about them.....
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    tbert got a reaction from jchapman in OTT Updates & Results Thread   
    I believe Chance won one time in folk by a point.  Not sure how many times Chance has been stuck , but Wick has done it 3 times.
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    tbert reacted to Perry in Midlands Day 2 Thread   
    The ref tried doing this tonight lol
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    tbert reacted to Cradle1 in Last Chance Tournament Entries   
    Yeah he only beat Jordan Oliver and came within inches of making the Olympic team at our deepest weight as a high school senior.  Not even close to being a prodigy! 
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    tbert got a reaction from Ching in Shaking hands before the match   
    As long as they dont take away the 180 degree yank around at the end of match I'm ok with it.
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    tbert reacted to Fishbane in Flo's Side of Lawsuit Against W. Saylor and Rofkin   
    If you are concerned with the rights of corporations what about the right of Rokfin to hire the employees they want to or the right of rokfin to work with any independent contractor they wish?  Non-competes are anti free market.   In a free market goods and services should be exchanged freely and corporations should be able to hire whomever they want.   To allow one corporation to tell another they cannot hire or do business with a certain person is anti competition and not good for the free market.   
    Corporations don’t live up to obligations all the time and rarely do they get accused of lying.   A corporation doesn’t pay vendors, honor gift cards, or stops funding retirement plans when in a bankruptcy or restructuring and rarely do people throw around phrases like not living up to your word or lying.  Those decisions are “business.”   If a guy loses his job and is forced to meet his current obligations by finding work using his limited skill set he might decide the best course of action is to break a previously signed non-compete similar to how a corporation that has not meet their revenue/sales/growth goals might decide to declare bankruptcy and restructure previous agreements with vendors, consumers, employees, or retirees.   The failing corporation is rarely accused of the moral fouls of lying or not living up to its word because it’s just business.
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    tbert reacted to Crash in Flo's Side of Lawsuit Against W. Saylor and Rofkin   
    The link below is to a public document that was obtained through The Travis County Court Clerk in Austin TX.
    Note that Willie and Rofkin's responses to the suit have not yet been filed and thus the attached only contains one side of the story.
    As expected, most of the suit deals with the violation of a non-compete agreement that was voluntarily signed, but the suit also alleges theft of content.
    I hope they are able to work things out, but clearly..."There will be lawyers."
    Also hoping this document helps put to rest some of the more nefarious claims that made its way onto social media about what this suit actually alleged.
    EDIT: Adding Willie and Rofkin's responses.

    EDIT: Adding the Temporary (14 days) Restraining order placed on Willie by the presiding judge.   It was effective on 12/18.
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    tbert got a reaction from Fletcher in Just hand Iowa the trophy now   
    Hope were not gauging Iowa strength based on trouncing a team they consistently have beat by 30.
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    tbert got a reaction from jchapman in Is this Marinelli's year?   
    Except for NCAA 2018 when Wick got two takedowns and cradled him twice for a 16-3 dominating clobbering of the Bull. 
    Last year, Brands running out, putting finger in face and screaming at the ref who called Marinelli for stalling twice  "YOU SUCK"  pretty much set the stage for refs hesitation on calling stalling on Marinelli. 
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    tbert reacted to jchapman in Taylor Lamont vs Seth Gross   
    I feel great!  Go Bucky!!!
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    tbert reacted to nhs67 in Bigger Ringer   
    He is absolutely in it against Nickal.
    Tier 1 is absolutely Cox(if he goes here) and Taylor. Tier 2 is absolutely Ringer and Nickal(if he goes here).
    Tier 3 is the next slew of guys who all cannot break through and beat a Tier 1 but can keep it competitive against Tier 2, such as Downey, Heflin, Martin, Brooks, Jackson, Dudley, Zahid, etc.
    Now Ringer has qualified. He can focus on getting better, bigger, and more acclimated to the weight, while getting his endurance back to an elite level(it did seem off to me).
    I would love to see him at the US Open, however I expect him to focus on peaking for the OTT.
    He will give Cox and/or Taylor everything they can handle. I only expect Bo to be able to hang with him of the rest of the field come OTT.
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    tbert got a reaction from spladle08 in Seth Gross 2020   
    I get it about the ncaa/freestyle thing. Bothers me a bit too,.
    Side note: I was watching a press conference Bono was giving the other day and a reporter asked him what the difference in styles were.  Rather than getting into explaining the details, he pretty much told they were the same.
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    tbert reacted to ugarte in Bill Farrell Discussion Thread   
    This was a great tournament and a pleasure to watch from up close. I watched from the 74 QF through the consolation rounds live, then the medal rounds on Flo.
    Comments in no particular order.
    Snyder isn't getting beat at this weight by anyone save maybe Cox once he chooses his weight class. Outscored his opponents 31-0. Yeesh.
    The college guys - Gross, McKenna and Suriano - were all better than I expected. I especially did not expect Suriano to challenge much less dominate Garrett (and he even teched the guy who beat Garrett) but as a Cornell guy I have to think that Garrett will keep improving through the trials. 
    I promise that I was telling the truth about IMar complaining about his shoulder after nearly losing to Gantt but he was putting a lot of pressure on that shoulder to turn Nolf over, and even an injured Nolf would make that unlikely if the symptoms were anything more than ephemeral. 
    Nobody had anything for Dieringer. Cakewalk. The most stunning match was Abounader / Pfarr - Abounader was up 8-0 and just gassed.
    Steveson rolled. In the consi semis, Hemida took a 2 point lead by shoving Nevills out of bounds... right through the ref, who took it like a champ. It's hard to tell on the screen but live, my son said Hemida seemed shook by knocking her over. Nevills quickly got in on a single leg and as Hemida was trying to fight it off ended up on his back and pinned with 1 second left (not that it mattered since he'd already been awarded 2 to go ahead.)
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    tbert reacted to Wrestlingfan1997 in Suriano a bad match up for gross?   
    I’m not sure who will agree with this but I feel like suriano is the worst possible match up for gross stylistically. Suriano barely ever gets into bad positioning and his defense is crazy. I also believe that he is a lot stronger than gross. If they wrestle I see a low scoring match something like 3-2. Or 4-3. Thoughts?
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    tbert reacted to chestcrusher in Seth Gross 2020   
    Suriano just started(he’s been training freestyle since last season). Gross is coming off back surgery and a huge cut. Gross is the only one who scored points in that match. It was a 1-1 criteria match with caution and 1s. Not like Suriano was dominating and he got lucky. Gross scored the points that’s why he won.
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    tbert reacted to WillieBoy in Bill Farrell spectating   
    A dress code to watch a sporting event?
    No wonder NewYawkers are such jerks.
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    tbert reacted to 1032004 in Alleged Ohio State Disabato video   
    Yeah good point.  I forgot in one of the original articles DiSabato said he called Jordan basically just trying to get his support to go after the school or whoever and Jordan said to “leave him out of it.”
    I just saw someone criticizing DiSabato for an old twitter post praising Jordan and then coming after him how, but the reason for his change of heart is not because Jordan “turned a blind eye” back then (as the above article seems to suggest), it’s because he’s “turning a blind eye” now.
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    tbert reacted to TBar1977 in Alleged Ohio State Disabato video   
    Today will be a new low for this nation. This group of D's is trying to pull off a coup. If some of them had any real courage they'd stop this charade. If some of them had confidence they'd wait for the election. They have neither and the electorate can figure this out.
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    tbert reacted to 1032004 in Alleged Ohio State Disabato video   
    Proving that I don’t follow politics I guess, what is happening today?
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    tbert got a reaction from cjc007 in Alleged Ohio State Disabato video   
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    tbert got a reaction from GockeS in Alleged Ohio State Disabato video   
    I dont think bragging withholding money until they fire a prosecuter investigating a son is wrong either...hypocrite
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    tbert reacted to leshismore in Alleged Ohio State Disabato video   
    tbert--> I believe him.
    Funny guy.
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    tbert got a reaction from leshismore in Alleged Ohio State Disabato video   
    Yay npope we agree on last part.  Dont agree with all jordan and graham, but i find very little common  ground with other side..
    Btw i did congrat you on your attempt for a non bias debate.  It comes down once again was ABUSE reported to Jordan. I believe him. 
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    tbert got a reaction from GockeS in Alleged Ohio State Disabato video   
    I frame it as conservative vs liberal because that is exactly what it elevated to shortly after being publicly announced. 100% Political.   
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